Anthem to Parenthood

This came to mind while communicating with a new parent who adoptedĀ a child from a troubled background. In short, there are lots of highs and lows and uncertainties as they bond and the past comes flooding out in tears. A phrase in the conversation caught my attention, “us being new parents and all.” I said, “Us old timers fall apart too. None of the rest of us know what we’re doing either.”

Of course, the Greatest American Hero didn’t either. He lost the instruction manual for his super hero suit before he got the suit home, yet was able to blunder his way through life saving the day. Here’s a longer stunt reel for the show. Here’s the theme song which also seems appropriate.

What I’m not sure is whether this mom realizes that everyone who knows what’s she’s doing is super proud of her… no prior parenting experience (not that anyone has it), choosing to adopt a child knowing there are issues to overcome. She’s certainly a hero in her child’s life.

Well, us old timers fall apart too. I’ll raise an obscure 1981 TV show in defense, The Greatest American Hero. An ordinary special education school teacher is given a super hero suit by aliens that gives him all the powers that come with being a comic book hero. He loses the instruction manual before he gets the suit home. Accordingly, he blunders his way through the greatest job on Earth. That’s a long way of saying none of the rest of us know what we’re doing either.

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