Takkie Kakkie, Kackel Dackel, the pooping dog game!

Photo of the Kackel Dackel game featuring a plastic dachshund, plastic shovels, a leash with a squeeze handle and poop.

Behold Takkie Kakkie, the world renown pooping dog game from Goliath Games! It’s from the Netherlands. You may have seen the viral German commercial (embedded below). In Germany it’s called Kackel Dackel, which translates to Laughing Dachshund. The game is apparently not being sold in US, too high-brow for Americans.

Step 1. Form and load a modeling compound (Play-Doh) poop pellet in the dog’s mouth.

Step 2. Position your pooper scooper under the dog’s butt.

Step 3. Roll the die. Squeeze the leash lever the number of times indicated on the die. Each squeeze pushes air into the dog, forcing the poop through his system. If you’re lucky, collect poop as it drops out the other end!

The first person to collect three poops on his shovel wins. Be careful though. Some die rolls make you skip a turn while others let another player trade scoopers with you.

Okay, so what’s the allure of this game, aside from the obvious ‘wow’ factor? Well, the dog makes noises as the poop passes through his digestive track, and the puppy’s tail quivers the whole time.

Technically, there is no game to speak of. What you’re buying is an experience. Sure, it’s an experience that gets old fast, but come on, you and your child are going to proudly pull out the pooping dog every single time another child or parent visits your home.

If the other parent looks at you strangely, state matter-of-factly that this game:

  1. Is educational
  2. Hones motor activity (putting Play Doh in the poop press to make pellets)
  3. Teaches turn taking
  4. Fosters a love for the gaming experience rather than a need to be the winner of games played
  5. Demonstrates in a 3-D model the digestive track of an animal
  6. Has obvious applications for potty training

Then put away the dog and give your visitors a disgusted look, as if they’re illiterate rednecks. Let an uncomfortable silence settle over the room.

I was in the middle of researching and arranging to order this game from Amazon.de (German Amazon) for €20. In the ordering process, the price dropped to €16.80  ($22.33 US) plus shipping ($14 for 8 to 12-day shipping or $30 for 2-day shipping).

Luckily, my wife expressed great concern over my buying this wonderful game, so I was forced to research it further and I stumbled upon a discussion at BoardGameGeek.com. Whaa, I learn that my friend since, like, kindergarten played this very game at the Board Game Geek Con(vention) last month.

So I called him up, told his wife that I need to talk to her husband about poop, and long story short — he tells me he’s waiting for two copies of Kackel Dackel to arrive because he already ordered them from Amazon.de himself! He’s giving me his spare copy, just because that’s the kind of guy he is. What’s a little poop between friends?

Unfortunately, until my phone call, his wife didn’t know two poop machines were making their way through the postal system to their home.

Lucky for you, if you’re in North America, you can pre-order Kackel Dackel from the US-based Thought Hammer.com for $45. I didn’t know that while I was furiously pasting German text into Google Translate. (Whoops, the priced jumped to $50 a few days after this posting.)

Yeah, yeah, $45 for a poop toy sounds steep, but ask yourself, how many poop toys are there in your neighborhood? You’ll have the only one! That’s got to be worth something. Well, $45.

Here is a video shot with a cell phone at BGG.con, with my friend’s hands visible at 1:45. This video gives you a good sense of size, and the delight taken by infantile adults. Language caution, not for kids to hear.

The interesting thing is how much time it takes a certain 30-something-year-old to understand the game’s rules.

Update: The head of Goliath Toys in America e-mailed to say Kackel Dackel will be released as Doggie Doo on April 1, 2011.  The suggested retail price will be $29.99 and should be available from Target and Toys R Us physical stores, plus Amazon.com, areyougame.com and familyfuntoysandgames.com.


2 Responses to “Takkie Kakkie, Kackel Dackel, the pooping dog game!”

  1. Amber says:

    I saw this game on failblog.org, and I MUST HAVE IT!!! How COOL is this game?!?!? The original name is “Kackle Dackle”, but I guess it was renamed in the US.

    December 12th, 2010 at 10:22 pm

  2. AJ says:

    Lest people get the wrong impression of me, I donated away numerous brainless board games (Monopoly, Life, etc.) when my first child was 2-years-old.


    I look forward to the day, soon now, when my daughter is ready for Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Settles of Catan. But, I also recognize that as advanced as my daughter sometimes is, she’s still 6-years-old and appreciates some good ol’ fashioned poop humor.

    December 14th, 2010 at 12:36 am