More on awesome forts

For the folks visiting here after reading my fort-building advice blurb in the (January 2011?) Parents Magazine issue, here’s what else I’ve said on the subject:

  1. How to build a fun cardboard fort (6th birthday party)
  2. Fifth birthday fort prepartion
  3. Fifth birthday party report
  4. Sorry, no fort at the 4th birthday
  5. Part 1: Third birthday building a fort
  6. Part 2: Third birthday building a fort
  7. Part 2.5: Holding a glow-in-the-dark party during the day
  8. Part 3: Third birthday building a fort
  9. Secondary use of a cardboard fort (3rd birthday)
  10. Product review: Connectables
  11. Product review: Fortamajig

And if you haven’t seen the magazine: binder clips. They are your secret weapon for connecting blankets together in a blanket fort. When not building forts, they’re awesome for cinching closed kitchen bags. I have several dozen and use ‘em on everything from potato chip bags to frozen burrito bags.

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