Axe Cop: comic written by a 5-year-old

That was episode 1 of Axe Cop, a web comic drawn by a 29-year-old man who has a 5-year-old brother. After playing in a pretend world with Axe Cop and Flute Cop with his younger brother (using a toy axe and a recorder), the illustrator was compelled to draw up the pretend world they created.

Axe Cop is up to 10 episodes so far — all static, not animated — but recently released the partially animated version of episode 1 seen above.

Part of me wonders what media this kindergartner is exposed to that his play world involves chopping people up.

Admittedly, I have a 5-year-old daughter, not a son, but this material would be alien for the boys my daughter plays with. She has a toy axe, but it’s only used to chop down doors when she’s pretending to be a firefighter. She sometimes pretends to be a super hero, but she saves people from calamity instead of fighting criminals.

The other part of me thinks Axe Cop is incredible. It’s a bit tedious to read as a web comic and would be better suited as a comic book, or an anthology. If Axe Cop has a future, it lies in scripting out hundreds of plot twists now, before the 5-year-old gets older and the schizophrenic nature of the comic is lost.

Don’t miss the introduction of Uni-baby (baby with a horn) and, much later, Vampire Man Baby Kid (half vampire man, half vampire baby and half vampire kid in the middle).

See: Index to Axe Cop episodes and Ask Axe Cop comics.

Axe Cop would also make an interesting, albeit brain-exhausting, film, as seen in this fake film trailer that uses some clips from later episodes.


4 Responses to “Axe Cop: comic written by a 5-year-old”

  1. Allison says:

    I was a bit startled by the violence of it too! I really do think it has to do with what kids are exposed to and not that violence is a “boy” thing like I have heard some people claim. Though it does seem to be more culturally acceptable to expose boys to violent media and toys early.

    My son is 3 and kind of violence would be alien to him too. He owns 2 toys that are technically swords but have never been used as such. They get used as baseball bats (to only hit balls), fishing polls, brooms, hoses, horses, etc. He does not know what a gun is and has never spontaneously turned anything into a weapon.

    From a pure storytelling perspective I did find this fun. I love the way kids stories have a logic to them that is entirely their own. Why wouldn’t dinosaur blood turn you into a dinosaur?

    March 3rd, 2010 at 10:27 am

  2. Elizabeth W. says:

    I have two boys, 8 and 5, and I can’t see either of them coming up with anything as violent as this. It was a little disturbing that a boy that young would be coming up with this stuff. I mean, my kids love guns and swords, but mostly as props for their imaginative play. The big draw for them of playing police or soldier or spy is dressing up and sneaking around and filling backpacks full of their “utility”, they don’t really get into the violence aspect of it at all.

    Actually, come to think of it the only violent play i’ve seen lately was my 3yo DD, not either of the boys. She had the mommy dolly going “bang bang” and hunting the toy pony. We told her people don’t usually hunt horses, just deer, and she was like “oh, okay, he’s a deer, bang bang”.

    March 10th, 2010 at 5:23 pm

  3. anjii says:

    Elizabeth, just curious, is your daughter’s point of view coming from a hunting family? I ask, because my husband hunts, and while I’m ethically fine with hunting, IF we eat the animal (which we do), and appreciate the fact that we can combine his “downtime” hobby with the accumulation of relatively cheap, highly organic and lean, game meat, I worry about how to instill our boys with the right amount of empathy for animals and life in general. (Run-on sentence, anyone?lol).

    What makes it even tougher is, although most of my hubby’s hunting is food-based (elk, deer, moose, duck, goose, quail, etc.), which I’m okay with, he also has this desire to kill inedible animals like crows and cougars. Not to mention we live on a smallish, but industrial, chicken farm, where hubby works an hour or so a day for our rent, and Wyatt gets to “help” him cull the sickly birds.

    He still does show a concern and respect for many (but not all) animals, but it’s very hard to teach a barely 5 year old the difference between hunting some animals for food, and being respectful of animals in general. Any advice?

    March 12th, 2010 at 2:45 am

  4. anjii says:

    Now, on subject, as for Axe Cop… I have a 5 year old, who has (as seen above) a gun-toting Daddy, and who got his very own Red Rider BB gun for his 4th birthday (which he’s had about 8 sessions with in the last year), and this kind of garbage (imaginative as he is) would not have occurred to him. He’s aggressive, (but less than MANY boys his age I’ve known), and VERY creative, but stuff like this just is NOT in his frame of reference!!!! (Aside from the requisite dinosaur obsession, lol!). And I will fully admit that we watch a fair amount of TV shows and movies. While I try to limit the screen time, I feel that it’s far more important to restrict the CONTENT of said shows, which I’m very strict about. I think the things that many kids are allowed to watch these days, are FAR too violent and dangerous for their spongy brains to be exposed to, while they develop their ideas of the world, and their thought processes.

    March 12th, 2010 at 2:59 am

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