Happy Abe Lincoln Log Day

If your American toddler attends a preschool in sync with your local elementary schools, chances are your kid(s) are home this week.

My daughter decided to celebrate the holiday with a log cabin.

Photo of a log cabin constructed from wooden Lincoln Logs, complete with a plastic door and plastic man in green clothing and a grizzly bear standing up.

“Doo you thingck this is a good hous I doo! Its the best. –My daughter’s message for the blog post”

When I was a kid, there were two uses for Lincoln Logs. One, to build a tall, thin tower we called the Empire State Building and then throw all the extra log pieces down its pipe. Two, to build a home or maze for our hamster.

Our daughter’s set is composed mostly of logs kept from my childhood, apparently culled from several sets by different manufacturers because I had to weed out incompatible logs.

My wife bought me a new set a few years ago that came with plastic windows and figurines… useless in my opinion, but kids obviously gravitate to them. The green guy isn’t a leprechaun. He’s donning a heretofore unseen new uniform for forest rangers.

The door and window pieces do present an extra building challenge — how to keep them upright during the building process.  But, I’m afraid the doors and windows are so narrow they are incompatible with everything except dwarf hamsters.

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