Our Super Bowl Sunday

I received my Super Bowl dose picking up a pizza at a pizza parlor Sunday evening. I’d brought a newspaper to read during my wait, but got the distinct impression a drunk patron was going to take offense at my reading during his time of inflated excitement.

Later, I tried explaining the special day to my 5-year-old daughter. Namely, the difference between the football she enjoys playing and handegg that most Americans enjoy watching on TV once a year.

Photo of an international soccer player labeled football and a photo of an American football player labeled hand-egg.

I wish I could lay claim to that image, but I found it floating around social networks today that were blissfully devoid of handegg news.

My daughter’s insightful observation: naming the handegg tournament the Super Bowl makes sense because football’s big tournament is called the World Cup, and a bowl is close to a cup. She spent the day cleaning her room and making valentines when not playing with the family.

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