Toddlers and nonviolent civil disobedience

On this, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, let us reflect upon the mind of a toddler, steadfast in determination, resolute that he is defying an unjust law. As he acknowledges his coming punishment, his body goes limp and attempts to defy being picked up, flopping around like a wet noodle.

In that way, your child joins the ranks of Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr.

This approach to conflict resolution brought about the Velvet Revolution, Orange Revolution, and Rose Revolution. Oh, how wonderful you might think, but civil disobedience also brought us the Tianamen Square massacre and the 2009 Iranian election crackdown.

So the question is, what kind of parent are you? Are you loving, kind and considerate in your guidance and rule making, or are you a dictatorial thug who bends children to your will?

It’s a tough question, so I’ll answer a question too. No, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I wrote this.

In any case, Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays aren’t big in our family, but I do believe MLK Day is a holiday that should not go by unnoticed as our children get older.

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