First Letter to Santa

A neighbor knocked on our door this week with a message from our postal carrier. “Tell that family with the little girl down the street to send a letter to Santa.”

The carrier apparently buys some trinkets at a dollar store and sends them back via mail. Odd, as if we need more plastic junk, but okay, it kick-started us on the whole letter-writing thing.

Here’s her letter transcribed after simply explaining she should tell Santa what she’d like for Christmas:

For Santa!
From [her name]
I love wot you bring to mee. I wont a winde up robote and a sllae bel and a rane dere costoom.
Thaengc you Sannta! [street address and phone number]

We erased the phone number and covered it with stickers because the thought of an adult requesting a letter from our daughter has a slight creepiness to it.

Ohh, nuts. We’ve already bought her gifts. At no point did she express a desire for a wind-up robot, sleigh bell or reindeer costume. The sleigh bell is an obvious reference to the book version of Polar Express. Sometime next week I’ll do a round-up of the items we’ve selected for our kids.


One Response to “First Letter to Santa”

  1. RookieMom Whitney says:

    I’m laughing. Early in the season, we encountered a Santa who asked 5-year old J what he wanted. He responded that he wanted a spaceman costume. We sort of forgot and then bought a bunch of other stuff. Then, we saw another Santa on the street and J was wearing a name sticker on his tshirt (but being five, he forgot about it). Santa called him by name and asked what he wanted. J then told me on the way home that Santa knows all of us by name but why doesn’t he remember that he already said he wanted a space man costume? Crap!

    December 11th, 2009 at 1:27 pm

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