Link Roundup #8,751

  1. Photo: awesome Christmas tree topper
  2. Photo: sock monkey full-body momma outfit with baby carrier
  3. An open letter to ABC about the gutting of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Owning the DVDs of Christmas specials is maybe sounding more sensible now, eh?
  4. The glass ceiling men face in being fathers — from Child’s Play X2 blog
  5. Bad photoshopping of the Banzai Jump ‘n Go Obstacle Course Bouncer.
  6. Creepy Kid Movies — a local-to-me blogger realizes a lot of kid movies are scary. (See previously: Tom Hanks made my child cry)
  7. Why Craigslist is a horrible place to guy baby gear — You’ll probably tell me Tanner is a common name, but in an area with 129,000 people spread over 2,000 square miles, the percentage of toddlers named Tanner is quite small. Craigslist sellers dream of big returns. Stick to garage sales.

There are a couple more mocking videos after the jump…


One Response to “Link Roundup #8,751”

  1. KB 111 says:

    In response to Link 4, about the glass ceiling experienced by fathers (a fantastic post, to anyone who hasn’t yet read it):

    Even when parenting is shared in a largely egalitarian way, it seems that often, there’s still the idea of a deficit when it comes to fathers. Statements like “dad’s babysitting today” (how can a father ‘babysit’ his own kids?!), “I let my husband…” (‘let’? seriously?), and similar sentiments undermine the same efforts made by fathers as mothers.

    Also, for those out there also hoping for a change in tide, take some comfort in Nancy Chodorow’s* work on gender segregation in domestic labor: when children grow up seeing a man engaging in domestic tasks (childcare, household labor), they internalize that this is/can be men’s work, and the notion held by much of society that these are women’s roles begins to deteriorate. Granted, these ideas are still up against what is set out by countless sitcoms, greeting cards, advertisements, and all other possible media adaptations, but it’s a great start for the next generation: to grow up in a household in which men happily participate in caring for children. That’s perhaps the best gift we can give them.

    *There have since arisen better sources for this information, but Chodorow was the first to hit the nail on the head with this one, so credit where credit is due.

    December 29th, 2009 at 5:14 pm