Baby Link Roundup #8,611: Que Sera Sera

This is a performance of Que Sera Sera by the Srisangwan School for children who have disabilities in Thailand.

You can read a little about the school and the video. I have some reservations about this performance being used in an insurance commercial, and some Youtube commenters have criticized the song as embracing fate, as opposed to teaching these children the goal of accepting no boundaries.

I see a more benign message: it doesn’t matter why you have this disability while others do not. Don’t sit around feeling crappy about your situation. Accept yourself and get busy making the best of your life. You know, it finally puts Forrest Gump in perspective for me. Life is like a box of chocolates…

And now, some links:

1. Disney princesses, deconstructed [princes, too!] — An awesome rundown in two images of why I may never own a Disney animated movie.

2. What is evolution? — Sort of a contest, but really just a chance for your kids to appear in a Charlie’s Playhouse video and get 20% off its products by answering that question on camera. I’ll be reviewing several of their products in the next week or two.

3. The evolution of motherhood — Speculative, but interesting thoughts from an anthropologist on the development of empathy and cooperation in our species sparked when our ancestral mothers began allowing others to help rear their children.

4. Toddler joke backlash — What sort of key can’t open a door?

5. News report: Notes left behind — A tear-jerker story about a 6-year-old with terminal cancer and her parents finding numerous love notes from their daughter after she died. I have mixed feelings about the parents turning it into a book for charity, but okay.

6. My Parents Were Awesome — A great website to share a photo of your awesome parents.

7. Dysphagia Cookbook — It’s actually a recipe book for adults with mouth cancer.  I wonder if a toddler with dysphagia (serious trouble swallowing) would benefit. I just want the phrase to show up in case some parent googles for a dysphagia cookbook.

If that first video made a lump in your throat, wash it down with an old Simpsons episode where Marge practices the CRIE method of getting baby Maggie to sleep. CRIE = Creative Responses for Infant Edu-loving. Remember, Maggie isn’t crying, she’s celebrating her independence!

There is a second plot to the story involving Homer getting kidnapped by a tow-truck driver. The baby-related bits can be found at: 0:32, 2:39, 8:43, 13:27 and 18:29. Just slide the mouse across the bar to the time frame you want to watch, and click. [Simpsons tip via Bebés y más.]


2 Responses to “Baby Link Roundup #8,611: Que Sera Sera”

  1. Marge says:

    Its amazing! No matter how you feel about what these children should be taught or any children with any level of disability it just goes to show that the human heart is strong and it can will the human mind (no matter what its deformities) to do so much good. thank you for sharing. I think que sera sera teaches us that we can’t choose what happens to us in this life but we can choose how we react – and our attitude affects everything else.

    November 12th, 2009 at 2:33 pm

  2. KB 111 says:

    I think there’s so much more to be uncovered in the Disney Royalty feature. (Don’t get me wrong; he did a great job. I just think there’s more there.) Take Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, for example: even when your mister is violent and threatens your freedom and your family, stick with him, because (as the song drives home over and over) ‘there must be something more’ to him. One need only be patient through the horrific treatment, and that monster, who is deep down an honorable soul, will reveal himself.

    Yup. That’s really the message I’m trying to impose upon the next generation.

    November 13th, 2009 at 9:44 pm

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