Five Seconds of Anonymous Thinga-Fame

My wife makes her national debut on PBS this month in the documentary Forever Wild: Celebrating America’s Wilderness.

Oh, okay, two years ago the filmmakers came to the hospital where she worked to interview her coworker. My wife was on duty at the time, so she played an extra, helping make the hospital look more like a hospital during the interview.

She’ll be the African-American nurse appearing for a few seconds in the background doing nurse-like things, fiddling with some tubing or something. Update: Relatives report a good 10 second side view of her and the “benefactress of the Lost Coast” (my mom’s words) fiddling with a machine that goes bing.

I’m fuzzy on the details, but her coworker is the typical selfless hero type who did super amazing stuff resulting in our children’s children being guaranteed a chunk of nature being preserved for now and the future. She didn’t save her family from an Alien Brain Cruncher, but still, she’s pretty good. She (the coworker) is visible in the trailer at 30 seconds, talking to a group of hikers.

If you care to watch, visit TV Guide, give ‘em your zip code, and then search for “Forever Wild.” Ya gotta do the search in the TV listings otherwise you get a bunch of random web results. A few PBS stations I checked are airing it pronto, this Sunday and Monday.

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