Photos: Journey to Everywhere

Photo of three children appearing to be standing in a garden of super huge flowers as one girl picks a flower and a boy kneels while handing a flower to a second girl. In reality, the children are standing some distance behind a group of flowers positioned close to the camera.

The Flowers.

Hey, lookie! It’s the Journey to Everywhere online exhibit featuring kids by Jan von Holleben. Don’t miss the equally awesome¬† Dreams of Flying exhibit with kids lying on the ground.

Today’s super-fast (for me to write) diversion is brought to you by my daughter’s school newsletter which I’ve commandeered as part of my master plan to take over the world. (You wouldn’t believe how long a newsletter takes to assemble if you care about quality.)¬† The links are via Buz v. Pizza by the Slice (Buz is the guy who designed Thinga’s pretty illustrations and layout).

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