Winners: Spot the Problem in this Advertisement

Photo of a newspaper advertisement featuring a child in a car seat between two grocery bags with a mother visible through the open back door.

Wow! I asked for two problems with this newspaper advertisement and you folks ripped it to shreds.

I subconsciously knew the photo looked a little too “clean,” but you’ve ably demonstrated the entire scene is fishy — from the baby seat floating on a car bench that has no back or headrests to the mom smiling at someone other than her child as seen through the back window of a vehicle that has a trunk, but no hatchback door to speak of. And the debate rages on as to whether the baby is the product of artificial insemination or a surrogate mother.

The two problems I had in mind were a bit simpler, things that immediately popped out at us.

Mom & Dad’s problem: Never pack groceries in the passenger compartment. Our local child safety seat inspector loves to recount the story of an adult who died in a car crash when a tissue box impacted his head. That’s one sharp corner, I guess. Here’s a story about a woman dying by laptop.

The same goes for CDs, toys, books, pencils and other errata. Unrestrained objects become projectiles in a car crash. Imagine your baby safe in her seat after a crash, except for the skull fracture caused by your canned peaches.

Abbril nailed it first:

” No one puts groceries in the car like that. They will topple over and make a HUGE mess — plus they are a HUGE HUGE HUGE projectile threat in the event of a collision.”

Daughter’s problem: Never put grocery bags next to a baby. She will grab things out of the bag and try to eat them. [This is a nuanced point distinguished from people who said the baby would empty/destroy the bags.]

Jessica nailed it first:

“The groceries would also not have stayed in place like that on the ride home, and if it was my daughter in the back seat she would have found a way to eat them all along the way, especially the broccoli on the left.”

And for humor, I’ll award a win to Pam for making my wife laugh the loudest. Pam’s humor was possibly unintentional (I never can tell) as the Photoshopping allegations devolved into these unique observations:

“That baby has ENORMOUS feet.  Her pinky seems to be missing on one hand…” And then Pam questioned whether the mother’s grip on the grocery bag defied the laws of physics.

Oh, and an honory mention goes to Inki for noting that a Graco ComfortSport in Midas should be gold colored. Everything King Midas touched turned to gold, much like poor Tim.

The CDs the winners have chosen will be posted at a later date. Thanks for participating! I hope more strangeness arrives in next Sunday’s newspaper.


3 Responses to “Winners: Spot the Problem in this Advertisement”

  1. anastasiav says:

    Imagine your baby safe in her seat after a crash, except for the skull fracture caused by your canned peaches.

    Well, great. Now you’ve freaked me out.

    By passenger compartment do you mean “in the seating area”? Otherwise we’ll have to sell both the station wagon and the mini-van, since there isn’t a trunk-like structure anywhere to put the groceries….

    September 11th, 2009 at 1:20 pm

  2. Tanya says:

    anastasiav: I don’t have a trunk either, so I use a cargo net in the back of my SUV. I leave one side of it connected all the time (right behind the back seat). Then when I load stuff in the back, I just stretch it over the stuff. It works great, I just have to remember to use it and it does take a little extra time.

    September 14th, 2009 at 6:47 am

  3. Tawnya says:

    Can you say that child should still be rear-facing, and projectiles are bad???? I could list a few more, but those are my biggies. I didn’t read the whole post, so perhaps you did say it, but cheers to the childless advertising team.

    September 16th, 2009 at 5:56 pm

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