Baby Link Roundup #8,341

1. Baby calming via dog:

We just use wind chimes above the changing table, but a dog works too. Video via Bebés y más.

2. Raising free-range kids — Roger Ebert’s recollections of childhood. Roger writes awesomely long and interesting articles on his blog.

3. Photos: children’s drawings brought to life.

4. Interesting: Map of states removing circumcision from Medicaid-funded procedures –  This will slide the near 50-50 split toward uncut boys in the coming years.

5. Lost wallets are more often returned if they contain a baby photo — I love the reporter’s tie-in to evolutionary behavior.

6. Mommy bloggers becoming money makers — just a reminder that a majority of baby blogs out there are BS. Bloggers should always disclose when they receive a reviewed product as a gift, and hey, use some discretion in what you throw at people as supposed recommendations.

7. Harry Potter fans: Daniel Radcliffe gets grilled by an 11-year-old reporter. The guy is either media savvy or a really nice guy, or both.

8. Cartoon: “I hope someday I’m as smart as Dad is.”

9. Toddler tossing: scary video of the week…

10. A toddler joke played out as a movie trailer… gets a bit tired at the end, but I was compelled to watch.


One Response to “Baby Link Roundup #8,341”

  1. LooneyJen says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, that toddler tossing video was INSANE. I have to admit that I watched the whole thing fully assuming that they were going to drop a kid. I wonder if they were some sort of acrobat/tumbling family. That was crazy!

    The Ebert article was refreshing. I read the Free-Range Kids blog and often find that while I agree with most of their pov’s, I also feel that they don’t hit on the truth that things are in fact different nowadays. Bullies are worse, etc. Will I helicopter parent? Nah, but I’m more wary than my parents were… because I have to be.

    July 15th, 2009 at 10:52 am