Turbo Heather: for boys or girls?

Egads! We spent last night planning the cardboard fort for this week’s birthday party. After much debate, we only managed to lay out the skeletal form. Tonight we’ll do the cutting, taping and riveting.

So, in lieu of providing you thought-provoking content, behold Turbo Heather, an “xtreme radio controlled southern belle.”

Yes, it’s a spoof commercial. Draw your own conclusions about gender-branded toys. Is this toy making radio-controled vehicles appealing to girls or making dolls appealing to boys?


One Response to “Turbo Heather: for boys or girls?”

  1. Ari says:

    Oh, thingamababy dad, thanks for sharing yet another jewel! : )

    It’s an interesting question.. does this make dolls more attractive to boys, or radio controlled cars more attractive to girls? hmm. It’s interesting how they used both boys and girls in the ‘ad’- but since they used the doll more as the radio controlled car (vs having the doll/car played with as a doll itself), it seems to emphasize the ‘action-packed’ features of the doll- so I see it as a way for boys to enjoy ‘dolls’.

    I love how the girl says: “Underneath Heather’s beautiful dress… is a TORNADO OF POWER”. oh, lol.

    June 18th, 2009 at 10:46 am

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