Name this baby! Make my life whole again

Long-time Thinga-readers know the tortured tale of my only son not being named Flynn. Still, I keep hope alive for the one true perfect boy’s name.

At long last, Flynn may live! A blogger in my neck of the woods has a new baby boy (a real cutie) and is accepting name suggestions. “Flynn” has made it to the second round of name selections and has received a favorable response.

Please, visit The Ranch on Salmon Creek and extol the virtues of the strong, fast, friendly name Flynn. While you’re at it, also leave your thoughts about what a despicable, scoundrel-like name Fritz is.

The baby is a red-head and Flynn means ‘red-haired one.’ Fritz is just a variation of Frederic. What kind of cruel person would name anyone Frederic?

Flynn YES!  Fritz NO! Tell ‘em so! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Look at Flynn’s photo, then post your opinion in the second round.

Update: Despite an overwhelming majority of people screaming for Flynn, they chose a different name. Which name? I don’t know. There’s a breadcrumb trail of clues about a historical figure that I’m sure someone could pinpoint on Wikipedia.

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