Mom Won a Major Award

A blue and yellow handmade written cut from paper and colored with pencils. On its face are the words: you winandy yay!My 5-year-old daughter has become infatuated with writing forms and taping them to our living room wall as part of her pretend play.

And by forms, I mean documents she has Mom and Dad fill in with personal information. She tapes a pencil to the wall.

This week’s form was a drawing contest which required us to supply our name and cell phone number and to recreate a stick figure house displayed on the form.

For the past few days I’ve been reminding my daughter while placing my hand on her shoulder, “Next week Mom will be away at a conference for four days, so it will be just me taking care of you. I know you’re going to come to the right decision on this contest.”

Assured of victory, I would leave and come back into the room a moment later with my arms raised, running around yelling, “I win! I win!”

It became something of a running joke as she began to understand what I was really saying (always with a smile).

This morning she held the big award ceremony, giving a blue ribbon to my wife.

As you can see by the photo, I assisted my daughter. She did the cutting and coloring, and asked me how to spell certain words because she knows her phonetic spelling isn’t always accurate. Her reading comprehension is a little lacking, too.

It’s supposed to read, “You win yay!” The deeper meaning was lost on her. And no, my wife does not have a unisex name that begins with A.

Bonus: She gave Mom her drawing back, but she’s keeping my drawing to hang in her [imaginary] home. I do believe I won this contest on every level imaginable.

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