Link Roundup #7,351: Malachi’s Accident

No quickies today. Get your reading glasses on!

Photo of a helicopter landing atop a grassy hill.

1. Kym of Redheaded Blackbelt is a local-to-me blogger who shares with her readers a beautiful photo taken daily around rural Salmon Creek in northern California.

This week she had photos taken by other people in the aftermath of her son falling from a loft and his head connecting with an iron stove. It’s a gripping, yet sort of poetic read, accompanied with my-worst-nightmare photos. Yes, that’s a medevac helicopter in the photo above.

Read: All the King’s Horses: Malachi’s Accident and part 2 photos (shot by others attending the accident).

Here are a few more links to round up:

2. When the Pacific Ocean came through our front door — Another near-to-me story from a 1964 tsunami that killed at least 12 and destroyed 289 buildings in the small coastal town of Crescent City, California. You’ll find the article too long, but the beginning is a nightmarish single-dad-as-hero story that has the makings of pure movie magic.

3A. Denying my son birthday presents (some more book exchange talk at Slate). Link via Thinga-reader Mike.

3B. Presence, not presents: why we throw no-gift parties (& how) from Adrienne at Baby Toolkit.

4. Advice from ‘America‚Äôs worst mom’ (written by the mother who left her 9-year-old at a department store intentionally, for him to find his way home via subway and bus).

5. Nineteenth-century pregnant dolls. Be glad I used a helicopter photo on this page instead of one of these dolls.

6. Venetia Phair dead at 90. It isn’t every 11-year-old who names a planet… this is a story to remember when your kid is old enough to star gaze. Hey, if anyone has telescope recommendations, e-mail me.

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