Link Roundup #7,427: Pics and Videos

No profound messages today…

Okay, one boring news story: Baby formula is a hot black market item. Apparently it’s expensive, easy to shoplift and easy to sell. Formula crime rings exist. Formula even finances terrorism. At least that’s what I learned in a Google query. It all seems funny when there is a free substitute that literally leaks out of the bodies of new mothers. (Yes, I realize formula serves a purpose, but the percentage of women who truly need it for medical or other reasons is small.)

Some videos after the jump…

Baby Discipline video (Mild profanity, from the makers of Sophie Can Walk):

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day (Mild profanity, a clip from Robot Chicken, the stop motion animated TV series.)

This one isn’t baby-related, but I assume most Thinga-readers with young children are married… Brian & Eileen’s Wedding Music Video by Lockdown Projects. What a wonderful thing for your kids to watch years later.

Ball Family Music Video 1983-2008, also by Lockdown Projects.

The above video reminds me of the homemade Google Heads video below, something perhaps more within the average person’s budget.


One Response to “Link Roundup #7,427: Pics and Videos”

  1. Allison says:

    OK, I did find that baby discipline one funny.

    Also I think I see a lot of years of packing lunches in my future. Yuck, some of those USA lunches were awful looking.

    June 1st, 2009 at 8:58 am