Baby Link Roundup #6,825

  1. Is genius born or can it be learned? -Time Magazine
  2. Photos: A closet turned into a space ship
  3. Rainbow Play Systems makes presidential swing sets. Browsing the company’s gallery, it seems Obama went with a low-end model. Malia and Sasha’s Castle looks not unlike sets sold at Costco.
  4. Books made after 1985 shouldn’t contain lead ink. I’m not too worried about oldies in our home library, but FYI.
  5. Depression Cooking with Clara — I don’t know why I’ve included this one… maybe because families are stretching dollars now more than ever or maybe because being a parent stirs up all sorts of thoughts about family history. has a little more info about Clara. Here’s one of her recipes.

In other news, life in the Thinga-household will be returning to some semblance of normalcy next week as my wife’s doubled-up work schedule concludes… hopefully resulting in regular updates to Thingamababy again. Although, I confess I enlisted in my daughter’s Parent-Teacher Organization this week and already have projects piling up (and she doesn’t start kindergarten until fall!).

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