Winner: Fame or Shame Game #10

The winner of Fame or Shame Game #10, standing in judgment of Morning Chicness Bags, is: Kimberly. She takes home a copy of the Rookie Mom’s Handbook.

I’m surprised so many people love the idea of a designer barf bag, but okay. Kimberly gave the bags 90 percent fame for much the same reason as everyone else, and then noted 10 percent shame for being covered in Microsoft clip art. And wow, she actually uses “Kimberly” instead of shortening it to “Kim.” That takes guts.

An image of a floral design clip art from and an image of a Morning Chicness Bag bearing a similar design.

I’m not sure it’s Microsoft clip art, but I did find one of the bag designs, above, in Microsoft’s 150,000 image repository. It’s actually from a Microsoft partner, iStockphoto, and the bag version has been customized to have a cleaner appearance.  I can’t knock ‘em for using clip art, but what’s to stop some thieving Chinese factory from churning out knock-off barf bags using the original clip art image?

By the way, SHAME on everyone for not pointing out the typo in the original contest title, Fame of Shame Game #10??? I’ll let you all off the hook this time because my mother didn’t catch the typo either. She’s pretty good at pointing out my deficiencies every day via e-mail. Oops, I mean wanting Thingamababy to be the best it can be.


One Response to “Winner: Fame or Shame Game #10”

  1. Pippin says:

    Ummm yeah. I was GONNA point out that typo, but I was afraid I wouldn’t win. I thought it though, and maybe you caught my psychic wave and decided on Kimberly instead. *crying bitterly*

    (Funny thing though, if I HAD won, I was going to give the book to my friend, also named Kimberly, who is 7 months pregnant.)

    January 13th, 2009 at 3:56 pm

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