Gallery: Animal and Insect Photo Contest Winners

Whew! Week Three of our photo contest is complete and we have two winners of Scholastic’s Treasury of 20 Storybook Classics 4-DVD set.

Our animals and insects theme is inspired by Diary of a Spider, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Bear Snores On and a host of others stories in this DVD pack.

Winner #1: Meadow from Salt Lake City, Utah. Meadow assures me the mantis “jumped and [Dad] clicked at just the right moment.”

Photo of a child screaming with her eye closed as a giant mantis crawls across her face, over her closed eye, as the photographer's finger is visible pointing at the bug.

  • Option A: Brush the bug away.
  • Option B: Take the photo, then brush the bug away, and laugh about it later.

See, it doesn’t really matter. The kid will have a lifetime bug phobia no matter what you do. Might as have a little humor in your life.

Winner #2: Noah from Free Union, Virginia. After Meadow’s amazing-circumstance photo (Dad didn’t throw that bug, right?) I had to swing the opposite way to an image virtually every family has taken. Several Thinga-readers submitted images like Noah’s, and I can’t explain why I picked this baby-with-pet over the others… it’s just something about being outside in the grass with an animal that seems not just at peace, but in bliss at having another human who will lavish him with attention.

Photo of a baby sitting in the grass holding a larger dog who is lying on his side smiling and about to nuzzle the baby.

And now, here are the other great entries, in alphabetical order (Thinga-reader names, not the kids).

Amy K.:

Photo of a child standing in front of a group of roosters.

Amy M.: “I think my cat (Rocky) is plotting something evil against the baby in this picture.”  [AJ says: That's my cat's name too! Although, Rocky is a girl, short for Rockette, because she had long legs... before tummy flab artificially shortened them.]

Photo of a baby lying down with an orange cat sitting adjacent.


Photo of a child at the beach holding up a tiny shelled critter for the camera.

Dayna: [AJ says: Work at getting your family more comfortable in front of the camera. They seem... so... wooden.]

Photo of five family members posing with their heads stuck through a wooden cutout scene depicting them as farmers or animals.

Donna: “…overcoming her fear of that big, huge spider!”

Photo of a girl looking calmly at a spider crawling on the back of her hand.

Jen: “…one-month-old with our rather standoffish dog…”

Photo of a baby sleeping next to a sleeping dog.

Jennifer: “We visited a local dairy farm where they let you help feed the baby cows. Except, they don’t explain anything, just hand you a bottle and let you go to town. It was hilarious.”

Photo of a girl holding a milk bottle up to a young cow at a dairy.

Jesika: [AJ says: Hey, that's totally my white-cat-with-spots, except my white-cat-with-spots is afraid of people, especially babies.]

Photo of a baby sleeping next to a white cat with dark spots.

Jessica: 2.5-year-old “with his first worm ‘caught’ while we were camping at East Harbor State Park in Ohio.”

Photo of a boy holding out a worm for the camera.

Joanna: [AJ says: for the uninitiated, that's a banana slug. The only thing that could draw your attention away from towering redwoods during a walk in the forest is a ginormous slug doing absolutely nothing at all.]

Photo of a boy holding his hand up toward a banana slug slithering on a wall.


Photo of a boy viewing brown furry creatures at the Bronx Zoo via an observation bubble in the ground.


Photo of a child smiling and looking at a wooly caterpillar crawling on her arm.


Photo of a boy putting his finger up to a woodchuck at the zoo.

Kelli: [AJ says: dogs can't resist that new baby smell.]

Photo of a dog licking a baby's face as the baby crawls on a carpet.

Kimberly: [AJ says: Ahh yes, true acceptance is achieved when the cat lets itself be used as furniture.]

Photo of a baby lying down on a pillow with a cat providing its body as a foot rest.

Marianne: “…the shadow of Mom and preschool son, watching minnows swimming under the dock.”

Photo of the shadow of a mom and son watching minnows swimming under a dock.


Photo of a parent holding a child up to the glass at the Denver Aquarium to see live coral and fish.


A girl holding up her sippy cup toward the camera, elated that there is a bug on it.


Photo of a child standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a young or otherwise small horse.


Photo of a child looking at a leopard from behind glass at the zoo.

TIffany: “…playing Romeo and Juliet in the playhouse.”

Photo of a boy licking or kissing a dog in kind from a playhouse window.

Thanks everyone for participating! Hopefully we can do this again soon.


2 Responses to “Gallery: Animal and Insect Photo Contest Winners”

  1. Jen says:

    Haha, these are great! Love Kate’s pic. ANd the first one? PRICELESS.

    I do hope you’ll do more of these. It was really fun to participate.

    December 24th, 2008 at 9:01 am

  2. kidlet says:

    She will either have a lifetime bug phobia or become a world famous entomologist. Worth the risk I think… bugs are great!

    December 29th, 2008 at 12:06 pm