Gallery: Nature Photo Contest Winners

Yay! Week Two of our photo contest is completed and we have two winners of Scholastic’s Treasury of 20 Storybook Classics 4-DVD set.

[Week 3 is almost finished. Hurry, send in your photos now!)

Our nature theme was inspired by He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands, And More Stories to Celebrate the Environment, one of the DVDs included in this pack.

Winner #1: Elana from Voorhees, New Jersey. I’m a sucker for a kid with a magnifying glass (the first time anyway, new ideas for Contest #3 please!). It’s an acorn, by the way.

A child outside looking intently at an acord under a large magnifying glass.

Winner #2: Jen from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada caught her 1.5-year-old son exploring nature with all five senses. Yummy?

A child leaning down to lick and/or eat a red flower.

Selecting the winners was tough. There are a lot of very nice photos, both in terms of subject matter and technical ability. Here are the other entries in alphabetical order, with occasional comments included with the submissions (I don’t consider them when judging photos, but FYI…). If anyone would like their comment removed, shoot me an e-mail. Thanks!

The names below are the parents, not the kids.

Amy: a city girl loose in the country.

Photo of a child running down a gravel road toward trees.


Photo of a child in a pumpkin patch.

Carrie: 14-months-old, taken on “Canadian Thanksgiving.”

Photo of a child sitting in leaves on a leaf-littered path in the woods.

Diana: Easter Monday at the Beach

Photo of a child building a sand castle.

Donna: “Can I pet the kitty?”

Photo of a child peering through a glass door at a skunk on a back porch.


Photo of a child playing at the beach with a toy bucket and shovel.


Photo of a child holding leaves while standing on a woodland path that is sprinkled with leaves.


Photo of a mother wearing her baby in cold weather and colorful leaves in the background.

Jen L.: Making snow angels in winter, Florida style.

Photo of a child wearing a sleeveless top and shorts, but also wearing gloves, boots and a cap while making snow angels in lush green grass.

Jesika: Her 7-day-old son at the Rose Garden in Portland.

Photo of a dad cradling his baby outside.


Photo of a child looking toward the ocean, raising his arm.

Jessica: East Harbor State Park in Ohio.

Photo of a child walking down a dirt path surrounded by lush greenery.

Justin: with his daughter on vacation in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Photo of a dad with his child in the surf and a giant island rock in the ocean ahead of them.

Kate: AJ says, this one makes me think of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Photo of a child climbing on a large rock in the middle of forest.


Photo of a child chasing after a large dog in the shade of trees.

Kathleen: “Nature Calls.”

Photo of a child in his bathroom sitting on a potty seat, but shielding himself from view with a blanket he is holding over himself.

Kendra: First time at the beach.

Photo of a child at a beach holding his arms out toward the ocean.

Kimberly: Also submitted was a photo of her crying son after he had just tried eating dirt… crying because mom removed it from his mouth.

Photo of a child playing with dirt in his backyard.

Leslie: Thanksgiving Day at the beach, holding a bull kelp stalk.

Photo of a child in warm clothing sitting at the beach.

Marianne: “I just like the juxtaposition of an idyllic setting (waves, sand, flowers) with my son’s facial expression.  He got angrier and angrier as he wandered away from the beach.”

Photo of a child walking in green lushness with his back to the ocean. He is crying.

Mary: “Au natural,” or as we say at Thingamababy, “au gratin.”

Photo of a naked baby toddling on a lawn.


Photo of a child smelling a field of flowers.

MominPEI: “…the only moment she stopped the entire time we visited the pumpkin

Photo of a child in a pumpkin patch.


Photo of a child walking in lush greenery.

PsychMamma: Trick-or treating at Zoo Boo. She was MUCH more interested in rocks, sticks and “ticklers” than getting candy.

Photo of a child in a ladybug costume exploring outside.


Photo of a child walking on a lawn holding two giant fall leaves.


Photo of a child raising her arms in glee against a backdrop of trees in the sky.


Photo of a child sitting and playing in a pile of golden leaves.


Photo of a child on a path with greenery behind him.

Teacher Jenn: This was one of those spontaneous “hold the camera out in one hand, snap a picture, and see what ya get” moments. It was taken on the beach in Belize.

Photo of a mother and baby posing together outside with the baby seemingly grabbing for the camera.

Tiffany: “I’m going to get that ball if it’s the last thing I do…”

Photo of a child mounting a ride-on or mechanized contruction toy on a large lawn.

Now send your photo in for Week Three!

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