Gallery: Sleep or Bedtime Photo Contest Winners

Yay! Week One of our photo contest is completed and we have two winners of Scholastic’s Treasury of 20 Storybook Classics 4-DVD set.

Our theme of sleep or bedtime was inspired by Bear Snores On… and More ‘Beary Adorable Tales, one of the DVDs included in the story pack.

Winner #1: Donna from Rochester, Massachusetts:

Is bedtime a task or a joy of parenting? It sure looks fun to us. Lots of photos capture memories for parents, but this one will have meaning for the kids a few decades from now when they realize Mom and Dad weren’t so bad after all. Next time though, Dad, pretend Mom isn’t holding a camera!

Photo of a father reading in bed to his two kids.

Winner #2: Kara from Slidell, Louisiana:

Simply lovely. Notice the camera is at bed height. Turn off the flash, turn on a bedroom light, and hold the camera tightly with both hands on top of your bent knee to reduce camera shake. Or use a tripod or set it on a flat service with a timer. Either way, natural light and shadows do wonders for sleep photos.

Photo of a boy sleeping, bathed in natural room light.

Here are the other wonderful entries. Some funny, all cute. Thank you for sharing your family with ours and other Thinga-readers.


Photo of a baby sleeping, resting on a parent's arm.


Photo of a boy sleeping slung over his mom's legs.


Photo of a boy sleeping.


Photo of a boy sleeping halfway off his bed.


Photo of a boy asleep on his bedroom floor.

Pinkbeary (because you could only submit one photo, I made her decide which of her daughters is cuter):

Photo of a girl asleep in her highchair in mid-meal.


Photo of a smiling happy baby in his crib.


Photo of a baby sleeping on his tummy.


Photo of a baby in body suit sleeping on the beach with the following words written by hand in the sand: The Good Life.


Photo of a toddler sleeping.


Photo of a baby sleeping while clutching a football.


Photo of a toddler sleeping with his head on a couch as the rest of his body is slumped over the edge.


Photo of a toddler asleep in the back of a bicycle safety seat.

Thanks everyone. Great photos! Please e-mail a photo for Week Two of the contest: nature!


3 Responses to “Gallery: Sleep or Bedtime Photo Contest Winners”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Um, clearly my kid has “bedtime” issues. I wish she slept like those other little kids.

    December 2nd, 2008 at 4:04 am

  2. David says:

    I feel sorry for Mojo above.. Her child is in an akward position. Looks peaceful but one wrong move and you could have a mighty cranky baby on your hands.

    December 2nd, 2008 at 6:43 pm

  3. pinkbeary says:

    ahhh…. you forget. my husband decided which picture to post. =)

    elana’s picture is sooo cute. reminds me of the simpson’s baby. too cute.

    December 3rd, 2008 at 10:52 pm

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