Winner #67: Kids’ Cookbook

Cover image of the book: Better Homes and Gardens Step-by-Step Kids Cook Book

Sara P. from Atlanta, Georgia has won the Better Homes and Gardens Step-by-Step Kids' Cookbook. The 1984 edition.

Yes, except for a vague sidebar graphic, last week's giveaway went unadvertised. Sara was selected at random from among people who participated on Thingamababy between October 25 and 31.

I collect children's cookbooks and recently acquired a second copy of this somewhat ordinary, somewhat totally weird cookbook. So, hey, share the love.

It's the book that contains instructions for holding a Hobo Picnic. You may recall one aspect of that being reproduced last Father's Day when our family made banana dogs. Mmm.

Another delight was spaghetti crust pie (same page, scroll down) which is essentially pizza on spaghetti noodles that have been hardened in a pie tin. Oh boy, was that a dish I am so not interested in repeating.

It wasn't actually bad, but it was sort of like watching Schindler's List. It's important that I watched it, and it held my attention throughout, but I wouldn't relish seeing it again.

Sara will know the joy of making such culinary delights as:

  • Zoo cage salads
  • Tic-tac-toe tostadas
  • Caramel cereal pops
  • Mini meat mounds
  • Pizza pork chops

Plus a whole bunch of bunch of other recipes in this 91-page book that won't be mentioned because they don't have funny-sounding names.

Sorry, this giveaway is completed. We will resume a different, normal giveaway this week.

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