Reader Survey Results

Last week we ran a 100-reader survey about a trivial issue (or was it?). Here are the results.

How did you react to the opening paragraph of Thingamababy’s recent Rookie Mom’s Handbook book review? 100 respondents said:

A pie chart indicating that 13 percent of people laughed, 47 percent smirked, 10 percent has no reaction, 23 percent rolled their eyes and 7 percent grimaced.

I posed the question after a strong reaction to the introductory paragraph from two people: my wife laughed hysterically and my
mother called me "vulgar." And, well, being perceived as vulgar kind of concerns me. My mother went on to debate whether an artificial vagina can really be external. So, okay…

In any case, I’ll see if I can reserve further VP ruminations to debates about circumcision. And, we’ll get back on track with a regular post later today.

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