Wanted: Parents for Book Reviewing

I’ve been pitched new books to review on the following topics. I am seeking parents to review them:

  • Raising twins (pregnancy to first birthday). Read and review in October/November.
  • Raising a bilingual child (oriented toward both multi-lingual and mono-lingual families). Read and review in October/November.
  • Parenting a grown child who has disabilities (I expect you have a young child with special needs and are planning for the future). Read and review in January.
  • Raising a child through a divorce. Read and review in February.
  • Nonreligious parents. Read and review in February.

I’m seeking interested Thinga-readers who are willing to:

  • Read a book in two weeks (225 to 300 pages)
  • Write a 250-wordish review expressing your opinion of the book, to be published on Thingamababy.
  • Live in the United States or Canada.

There’s no pay, but you keep the book.

Several parents may review the same book, so your review won’t
merely recap the book’s subject matter. You’ll be pointing out the good
and bad, providing your personal insights and surprises and such.

If you are interested, e-mail me via the link found at upper right and:

  1. Write "Thing Review" in the subject line.
  2. Tell me the book subject that interests you.
  3. Briefly, explain your experience with the subject matter.

There are only a handful of copies of each book, so please respond soon. Thanks!

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