Thinga-Appreciation Giveaway #18: All Together Now

Image of the CD cover for All Together Now.

Contest #18: All Together Now. For the next two weeks we’ll give away a collection of all-ages Beatles songs performed by kids and adults from Little Monster Records.

The track list: Magical mystery tour, Hello goodbye, Love me do, All you need is love, Good day sunshine, All together now, I want to hold your hand, Birthday, And your bird can sing, Here comes the sun, Yellow submarine and Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my monkey.

The CD comes packaged with a board book of poems, Beatles facts and drawings made by
kids. Grab it as a CD or MP3 download.

Rules in Brief

This is about reader appreciation. To enter, simply read and post
comments as you normally do anywhere on Thingamababy.

For each contest, I will select as a winner one user who has posted a comment within the past
week (the first winner gets picked next Saturday).

Giveaway Rules

The contest is open to residents inside and outside* the United
States. *Residents of the International Space Station excluded. Sorry
Peggy, Yuri, Clayton, Daniel, Leopold, Garrett and Sheikh, but we’ll be
happy to ship to your domestic address in the event you win.

The contest will run for two weeks.

Officially, the winner will be selected by me based on my own purely
subjective criteria that is free to change from week to week. For the
first week, I will choose a winner at random. If I see a rush of
empty-headed comments being posted, I’ll change the criteria to a true
sense of my personal appreciation, using comment criteria such as
thoughtfulness, educational value or humor.

Ineligible comments are ones identified as spam by my blog software or
that I would normally delete myself due to their spammy or offensive

To be eligible, users must include a valid e-mail address in their
blog comment. Contacted winners must provide their shipping address to
Thingamababy within 1 week of the winner notification e-mail being
sent. Thingamababy will then share the address with the artists or
their publicists for the purpose of shipping the prize.  If my e-mail
gets caught by your spam filter, sorry, be sure to check your spam
filter in a timely fashion.

Giveaway Schedule

This giveaway covers user comments posted
Saturday through Friday (Pacific Time) on any blog article anywhere on

  • Giveaway #1: comments posted between September 13 and September 19.
  • Giveaway #2: comments posted between September 20 and September 26.

Thanks for reading Thingamababy, and participating!


3 Responses to “Thinga-Appreciation Giveaway #18: All Together Now”

  1. Janelle D says:

    My parents tortured me by only allowing us to listen to the “oldies” radio station when I was growing up! Now I would love to share the Beatles songs with my kids…this CD is the ticket.

    September 17th, 2008 at 7:43 pm

  2. anjii says:

    My 3 1/2 year old is becoming quite the Beatles aficionado, even to the point of recognizing songs that he’s never been told were the Beatles, simply because he “recognizes the voices” (his words). Me and my dad are thrilled about this, although hubby is less than enthused, considering he can’t stand them. He’s taking it quite well though, and it even seems to be helping him learn to tolerate their music now :D

    September 19th, 2008 at 11:15 pm

  3. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) says:

    My son already loves the song All Together Now! I need to show this to my husband for the “maybe buy it” list…

    September 21st, 2008 at 10:45 am

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