Winners #51, #52 and #53

The CD cover for Beethoven's Wig 4.

Bob from Savannah, Georgia has won Beethoven’s Wig #4 Dance Along Symphonies.
It’s the smart alternative to so-called brainy Einstein products.
Beethoven’s Wig is all-age classical music put to modern lyrics,
getting richer as your babe grows. Think of it as a Weird Al Yankovic
for orchestras.

Many of the songs weave biographical or historical information about
composers into them. Other songs
create a story around the song’s title or the song’s original or modern
use. You’ll never hear these classical hits quite the same way again.

Photo of the CD Down the Do-Re-Me.

Karen from Plano, Texas has won Down the Do-Re-Mi, her choice of Red Grammer’s six wonderful act-out sing-along children’s albums
(read Thingamababy’s review).
Most of Grammer’s children’s music is comprised of an acoustic guitar
and his voice. Some songs are a cappella, relying purely on his voice,
personality and ingenuity to carry a song. You could summarize Grammer
with the cliche of "peace, love and understanding." All of that is
intermingled with tunes about tickling, monsters and going to the

Karen tells us she has three boys, the oldest now 4-years-old. The eldest learned the 50 US states in alphabetical order a year ago by listening to the Fifty Nifty song. I grew numb listening to it just now. I’m so glad I could help bring sanity to her home with a Red Grammer CD. Red’s alphabet song would knock the socks of anyone who hears a toddler recite it word-for-word.

Photo of the DVD cover of Bill Harley Live! Yes to Running.

Justin D. from Tacoma, Washington has won Yes to Running! Bill Harley Live DVD.
is a guitar-wielding storyteller who never grew up. While oriented
toward grade school kids, some songs fully fit toddlers and the stories
are great fun for adults.

Harley produces the type of comedy performance that makes me look
forward to listening to and singing along with my kids on a long drive
as we embark on a summer camping trip. It gets me excited about my
older daughter leaving toddlerhood and entering the next stage of
development. Parenting only gets better and better.

These three winners were randomly selected from comments
posted anywhere on Thingamababy between August 9 and August 15 in the Thinga-Appreciation Giveaways #14#15 and #16. These contests continue this week with new winners announced next week.

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