Winners #37, #38 and #39

Photo of the CD cover for The Story of Swan Lake.

Lisa from Orlando, Florida wins The Story of Swan Lake a wonderful introduction to classical music.

It’s the narrated music of
Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet as maestro Stephen Simon conducts
the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The CD also
includes helpful background information and an activity guide.

Photo of the CD cover for Red Grammer's Can You Sound Just Like Me?Kara from St. Joseph, Minnesota wins Red Grammer’s Can You Sound Just Like Me?, one of Red’s six wonderful act-out sing-along children’s albums
(read Thingamababy’s review). You really can’t go wrong with any of them. Grammer produces some of our favorite children’s songs.

Kara reports that St. Joseph "is a great place to raise kids because it’s a community that cares about our future. The new ‘green’ elementary school that they are building has a lot of eco-friendly attributes including the use of solar power and a wind turbine."

Photo of the cover of the book Be the Coolest Dad on the Block.

Inki from Bergen, Norway wins the parenting book Be the Coolest Dad on the Block. It is a guide to fatherhood presented as a series of slapstick routines,
trivia, brainteasers, jokes, quizzes, stories, and
practical advice. It will give you an excuse to stand on a balloon,
play with grated cheese in the microwave and unroll a roll of toilet
paper in the name of spending time with your kids.

Inki reports: "I live in Bergen, Norway, and one thing I love about raising our daughter here is that the city center is surrounded by nature — there are a lot of parks, and it just takes a couple of minutes to get into the mountains for a great hike, or we can go to the water for swimming when the weather is good!"

These three winners were randomly selected from comments
posted anywhere on Thingamababy between June 28 and July 4 in the Thinga-Appreciation Giveaways #10, #11 and #12. Contest #11 is now concluded. The other two continue this week. Thanks for participating on Thingamababy.

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