Winners for Caption Contest #3

At long last, the results of the caption contest. Alas, there can be only three winners. Here are the first seven of our top ten that didn’t win anything except our admiration. Although numbered, they are presented in no particular order.

Three photos showing my baby boy in a hospital bassinet facing a rubber chicken dressed in similar garb.
10. Stay calm, that’s our birth date, not our price per lb.

9. Dude, if you’re ever gonna latch on, you’ve got to open *wide* see?

8. Chick: Wait til Mommy gets here with the worms! And she’s gonna SIT on us to keep us warm!

7. Please stop looking at me like that, you’re going to make me spit up my lunch.
–Christina #1

6. Could I please check your ID band?

5. Where’s your pecker?
Marketing Mommy

4. The preference for tall slender women with lots of makeup didn’t show up for YEARS…

And here are the three caption winners selected by the Bob Books folks to receive a complete five box set of Bob Books, the same series reviewed on Thingamababy, the one my daughter used to learn to read.

3. The Smiths immediately realized that one twin was amazingly calmer than the other.
PsychMamma from Goshen, Indiana.

2. This gives all new meaning to the old "stork brings the baby" theory…
–Nancy from Monona, Wisconsin

1. I sure didn’t read about THIS in What to Expect When You’re Expecting!!
–Christina #2 [Check your e-mail Christina. We need your mailing address for the prize!]

To everyone who participated, thank you. And thank you to the fine folks at Bob Books for agreeing to serve as judges and donate prizes.

Photo of the first set of Bob Books.

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