Conceivex Contest Winners

Things don’t get more exciting (for me) than this… the notion that some people could give birth because they learned about a product on Thingamababy.

In the Win a Conceivex Conception Kit Contest people were asked to write a short essay for a chance to win a Conception Kit. Like it sounds, this kit is designed for couples who want to enhance their opportunity to conceive in the privacy of their home, usually because they are experiencing one of a variety of fertility issues.

Photo of the Conception Kit.

Read Thingamababy’s review. Yep, a hands-on review resulting in the birth of my second child. I go the extra mile for this blog, I swear.

Three winners have been individually selected by three judges — myself, a reader of this blog and Conceivex itself. And bonus, Conceivex decided to give a Conception Kit to an additional entrant, a military couple hoping to conceive before Dad deploys in September.

Double extra bonus, all non-winning entrants in the contest have been offered a 30 percent off the purchase of a Conception Kit (e-mailed on July 14, 2008. If anyone didn’t receive it, please e-mail me via the link in the upper right-hand corner of this page. But, check your spam filter first. Thanks.).

Entrants were asked, what will having a child mean to you? People responded in a variety of ways. Read the winning stories…

Written by Stacey from Holland, Michigan (selected by Conceivex):

My husband and I have been married for 7 years.  As a Korean
adoptee, his desire to have our own children… this blood relationship
with his children was enormous.  After about a year of trying, we had a
beautiful little girl.  She is now 3 and the light of our lives.

For the past 2 years, we have been trying to get pregnant.  We tried
Clomid unsuccessfully for 6 months then we were referred to the
fertility clinic by my physican.  The only medical thing that we have
been told is that my husband has low motility.  We tried the injections
and IUIs, but they also failed.  Within 3 months at the clinic, they
told us that they would recommend IVF.  We left the clinic after that
because we didn’t have the money for the treatments they told us were
necessary.  We also felt that this desire of ours to create another
life was becoming very impersonal and totally related to our financial

We have been researching alternative treatments; currently we are
trying different herbs and vitamins and getting acupuncture treatments
weekly.  Our chiropractor told us to check out the conception cap and
we immediately thought that this was the answer for us along with our
current treatments. 

Our daughter asked for 3 things at Christmas; Dora underwear,
lipstick, and a baby sister to play with.  She has recently begun
praying for a baby at bedtime.  Another child would finally make our
family complete and be the answer to our prayers.

Written by Jennifer D. (Selected by Thinga-reader Dawn. D):

Dearest Child,
To explain what having you in our lives would mean
to us seems impossible, because we think it’s really a matter of how
blessed we would be to be a part of your life.  As we recall our own
childhoods and all the exciting possibilities the world held, and still
holds for us, we want nothing more than to share this amazing world
with someone else – you.  We talk about what it will be like to feel
you stir inside me, to look into your eyes for the first time.  We were
so lucky to have parents who loved and nurtured us, who taught us to
read and to love the outdoors, who slept with us under the stars and
played silly games with us.  Someday soon, we want to do these things
and more with you.  We will help you plant trees, and as you watch the
tiny seedlings grow, reaching to the endless blue sky above, we will
help you reach and grow. We will be your earth, holding you steady so
you too can grow strong and reach high.  Like the larks in the sky, we
will exalt as you discover the world and make it your own.  You will
mean the world to us, because we will see it anew through your eyes.
With all our love,
Your Mom and Dad

Written by Lisa from Scottsdale Arizona (selected by AJ of Thingamababy):

I write this knowing that someday you will read this. Your grandma
wants to teach you to read. You can thank her with kisses when you read
this all by yourself.  When you were born, your father wanted to be the
one to put you into my arms for the first time. At that moment I felt
the love only a mother could understand. We promise to care for you
when you are sick and hold you when you cry. The wonders of nurturing
you, loving you, the smell of your hair after a bath, tickling you,
blowing funny noises into your belly as we watch you laugh.  We can’t
wait to see the look of wonder in your eyes as you learn and experience
new things.  I can only imagine how our hearts will burst with love and
pride with each passing day. 

I look forward to your father teaching you to ice skate. Hockey, his
passion and he hopes it will be yours too.  But if it isn’t that’s just
fine.  So many things to try.  Your successes will be wonderful and
your mistakes will help you grow.  We will be here to help you as you
make your own choices.  I hope through our actions you will know how
much your father and I love you.  At night in bed, we’d dream of what
you’d be like, and who you will become when you are grown.   I met your
father at 40, and on our second date I told him “I’m keeping you.”  And
I have.  I cherish, love and adore him.  We lost a child last year.
Such sadness. The lord is looking over our little angel.  But then such
joy, God blessed us with you.  You completed our family.  What does
having you mean?  Everything.

Written by Faith from Clayton, Ohio (a non-winning bonus selection by Conceivex):

I can’t even begin to tell you how much it would mean for my husband
and I to have a child together. We have both been married before, he
has 2 children and I have 1 child from our first marriages.  He had a
vasectomy when he was married to his first wife.  When we got married
he had it reversed, which was actually quite a surgery.  The surgery
was 2 hours long and the recovery was 6 weeks. Well, that was 4 years
ago and we still are not pregnant!  His counts are on and off.  I have
had 2 inseminations so far and no luck.  The first time his motility
was at 70% and the second time it was at 40%.  I have been taking
Clomid and HCG injections along with estrogen pills that are inserted
vaginally.  It’s is very trying on your emotions every month you don’t
get pregnant.  Especially when everyone around you is pregnant.  I am
31 and my husband is 36, we are both in the military and I am due to
deploy in Sept.  I did get pregnant in 2006 when he was came home from
Korea after being gone for 6 months, but had a miscarriage.  It just
feels like it’s never going to happen and it kills me inside,
especially when the kids say to me, "mommy when are you going to have a
baby?."  It breaks my heart.  There is a certain connection also with
your spouse when you have a child together, I want to experience it all
with him.  I already know he is a wonderful and giving father, he
adopted my daughter just last Sept. and I couldn’t ask for a better
father for my daughter.

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