Baby Link Roundup #5,841

  1. – Tutorials for making a range of baby items.
  2. How to build a simple sandbox – Bob Vila shows you. The key is knowing that most lumberyards will cut the boards for you.
  3. Hair clip tutorial – For making your own, but lacks instruction to apply Velcro for a no-slip grip.
  4. Lookybook – Preview entire picture books online page-by-page.
  5. 50 things to do with kids in Chicago before they grow up -  Here’s a thought… make a list for your own hometown.
  6. America may over-vaccinate, according to new research – so says Oregon Health & Science University in a journal article.
  7. Overview of exemptions for child vaccinations in US states
  8. Shoes transmit disease, leave them by the door – A surprising percentage of shoes carry E. Coli (contact with fecal matter).
  9. Fathering in America: What’€™s a dad supposed to do? Yep, the US is screwed up. I like to think it started with the Berenstain Bears’ war on dads. Read one of the books to see what I mean.
  10. Let’s Be Friends blog – Photos of unlikely animal pairings, for toddlers who love looking at pictures.
  11. Control-a-Kid Remote Control – Complete waste of resources, but cute idea.

Personal stories

And to avoid concluding on a depressing note…

  • How I did it (retro blog) – "It" is having five kids in six years from 1966 to 1972, as documented in a collection of old diary entries.
    Spock attacked by a giant cornflake. Paul informing a crowded waiting
    room that he won’t sit down because he still has poop in his bottom. Ned wearing his Superman
    outfit night and day, even under his school clothes. Good times.

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