Winners #28, #29 and #30

Diary of a Spider DVD cover.

Beckie from Clovis, California has won Scholastic’s Diary of a Spider DVD
that includes read-along captioning for kids learning to read. It’s
adapted from the original book by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Harry
Bliss, and now narrated by Angus T. Jones.

Other stories on the DVD include Roberto the Insect Architect, Norman
the Doorman, The Mysterious Tadpole and The Story of the Dancing Frog.

Beckie says what makes Clovis great for kids is her friends, including a homeschooler’s support group, attachment parenting group and a SpiralScouts Circle.

Photo of the CD Hello World.Cathy from Sherman Oaks, California takes home Red Grammer’s Hello World! (read the review). That was her pick from Grammer’s six wonderful act-out sing-along children’s albums.

Cathy says one thing that makes the Los Angeles area great for raising kids that "you can find anything here… our kids will grow up with diverse friends and experiences."

Hot Peas and Butter CD cover

"Pippin" from Hartselle, Alabama takes home the children’s music CD Hot Peas and Butter Volume 4: The Pod Squad. (Pippin, check your spam filter!)

Danny Lapidus and Francisco Cotto produce sophisticated children’s
tunes in English and Spanish. You may recognize ‘Different Spokes’ in
recent rotation on the Noggin’ Network.

Pippin says one great thing that makes Hartselle great for raising kids is that it’s a small town. "The librarians know my child by name, we live on Main Street, and have a very short walk to downtown. We know just about everyone at our church and their kids, and our public schools are some of the best in the state, the crime rate is lowest of anywhere I’ve ever lived.  We are equidistant to larger towns (Birmingham and Huntsville, Alambama), so there are museums and other attractions only 45 minutes away, but we love our neighbors and friends in our little town, where truly."

These three winners were randomly selected from comments
posted anywhere on Thingamababy between June 7 and June 13 in the Thinga-Appreciation Giveaways #7, #8 and #9.
These contests continue this week. Thanks everyone for participating on Thingamababy!

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