Three Unusual Baby and Toddler Products, Vol. 10

Photo of a Stonees container and three samples of projects created with the stones... a stoen castle, a stone arcle and a plane-like figure.

1. Stönees are re-bonded crushed rock with natural pigments sealed with a water-based sealer. In short, they’re colored rocks. Each kit contains 50 stones, average size 1 to 1.5 inches square. You know, for stacking. "The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination."

Stönees are rated for ages 4-and-up, although some websites list the age as 5.

You can forget about using the rocks that your toddler already picks up on his travels. They are dirty and don’t come in fun party colors. And certainly don’t think about giving your child tempera paints and a brush, or he might paint those dirty rocks like my daughter loves to do.

Images of a Plot-a-Toy calendar showing a dark blue background, colorful stars, an alien in a space saucer and a month calendar diagram inset in a ringed planet. Also shown are stickers that read my weight this week, medication, parent's worst night's sleep, my first big bath, my first swim, my first giggle and my first pair of shoes.

2. Plot-a-tot is a milestone calendar for recording your baby’s first year accomplishments. More than that, it is a "treasured family document, to be kept as a detailed and permanent record of the most amazing periods in your lives."

It’s a tall narrow poster with a calendar that starts on the day of birth by way of your affixing a month sticker above the first set of dates. Over the next 12 months, you affix 96 stickers bearing the names of hallmark events, such as "my first crawl" and "my first pair of shoes." Some stickers have write-in spaces for such things as your baby’s weight.  Each sticker also bears a treasured illustration related to the milestone, such as a crawling baby or a pair of shoes.

Poster designs come in undersea, farm, space and fairytale themes (see full images of each). The poster also doubles as a growth chart up to four feet (122cm).

Forget writing a personal journal. Donate your camera to charity. Imagine 30 years from now pulling this calendar out to share and reminisce with your son or daughter upon the birth of your grandchild. Stickers are forever.

Photo of a baby sitting in a highchair at the Pomme Bebe tasting bar. A glass display is on the counter containing bright, colorful containers of baby food.

3. Pomme Bébé is an organic baby food bar located in Newport Beach, Calif. Bring your baby or toddler up to the "tasting bar" for some gourmet puree. Organic meals are made fresh daily that you can buy at the bar-restaurant-thingie, or now, have shipped overnight.

Here are a couple Flickr photos peering in the front window. [one, two]

Among other menu options, babies might go for apple or cauliflower puree. Toddlers can try chicken asparagus orzo or mac & cheese.

I know what you’re thinking… "I can make those at home!" Oh, sure, you can make them at home, but can you make them fresh from organic sources? It’s not like grocery stores sell fresh organic fruits and vegetables or like you could tend your own backyard garden without pumping it full of the necessary pesticides that plants so desparately need to live. And in these dark economic times, who can afford a baby food grinder or even a blender? Get off your smug high rocking horse.

Update: Also check out Bean Sprouts in Middleton, Wisconsin. It’s a bit broader in scope, offering more of a kid’s cafe atmosphere, cooking classes and hosting birthday parties. There are no adult menu options, just adult-size portions of the kid food. Neat idea though. Thanks to Thinga-reader Allison for having the audacity to disagree with me and provide this tip.

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3 Responses to “Three Unusual Baby and Toddler Products, Vol. 10”

  1. Allison (CodeCrafter) says:

    1. Ugh, sterilized commercialized nature.

    2. I don’t think this is all that bad. It is a little bit more brief then all those baby’s first year fill in the blank books but the same concept. I got 2 of those books as gifts and have never filled them out. I opted instead to keep a very brief daily journal in a day planner. It worked out to about a paragraph a day. After the first year I just kept going and made if more into a whole family journal and less focused just on what my son was doing.

    3. We have something very similar but less snooty sounding near us. I like the idea but we don’t go there often. I don’t think it’s meant to replace eating at home or homemade baby food but they do sell stuff to take home if you want. I think of it more as an extremely kid friendly place to eat out. It’s really nice to go out as a whole family to a place where I won’t get dirty looks because my toddler wants to run around and touch everything. It is also nice to see a place that doesn’t assume all kids love to eat only chicken fingers, burgers and mac n cheese like most kids menus have. The one near us focuses way more on toddlers. My one complaint is that they ignore the adults that come with the toddlers. Their meals are all toddler sized and are at best a light snack for an adult. What would be best in my mind is a place that manages to be really toddler friendly AND have food options the parents can enjoy.

    June 13th, 2008 at 7:19 am

  2. CanCan says:

    I don’t get the rocks…are they magnetic? How can a 5 year old make that free-standing arch out of small stones?
    Now that I know this passes as a “toy”, I’ll try to make some DIY stoneez for the kids Christmas this year! Hey, we said we were going to simplify…

    June 13th, 2008 at 8:35 am

  3. My Boaz's Ruth says:

    I’d like just the stickers from #2.
    Then maybe I’d have something other than just emails (with digital pictures attached) to document my son’s first 10 months.

    June 13th, 2008 at 10:35 am

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