Winners #21 & #22

Photo of the CD Red Grammer's Sing-Along Favorites.

Katie from Provo, Utah takes home Red Grammer’s Favorite Sing-Along Songs (read the review). That was her pick from Grammer’s six wonderful act-out sing-along children’s albums.

Katie says the best thing about Provo is that it’s a community of kid-lovers. Her county, Utah County, has the highest birth rate in America. As a result, there are lots
of programs and activities that cater to children.

Photo of the CD cover for I Count to Ten and Other Very Helpful Songs.

Kathleen from Millstadt, Illinois takes home "I Count to Ten" and Other Very Helpful Songs by David Tobocman (read the review). Warning: Do not listen to this CD and then watch The Muppet Movie or your head may explode (I mean "explode" in a good way).

Kathleen says Millstadt is a small, friendly, village east of St. Louis. She loves the
kid-friendly atmosphere of small town living as well as being close
enough to all the St. Louis attractions, i.e. Grant’s Farm, St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis Science Center, and so forth.

These two winners were randomly selected from comments
posted anywhere on Thingamababy between May 17 and May 23 in the  Thinga-Appreciation Giveaway #5 and #6.
These contests continue this week with two more winners announced next
week. Thanks everyone for participating on Thingamababy!

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