Music Review: Princess Katie & Racer Steve

The CD cover of Fast and Feisty.

Fast & Feisty is the title and spot on description for Princess Katie and Racer Steve’s latest CD. Their first release, Songs for the Coolest Kids, came out last year.

The personas of princess and racer that run through many of their
songs were dreamed up during the married duo’s volunteer visits to kids
in New York-area hospitals (a quick check of their event calendar shows
they’re still at it).

Two points impress me:

1. The group’s musical styles are diverse — jazz, swing, funk,
dance, rock, you name it. They completely avoid the regular
mind-numbing "I’m getting tired of listening to this singer because all
the songs sound the same" personal hell. Each track is crisp and new,
and the entire composition, from lyrics to instrumentation, is simply
top notch.

2. Katie presents a strong, confident female voice. She has the
whole princess shtick going (in cover art and on stage) that I would
normally despise, but there’s no saccharine cutesyness to her voice,
just solid self-assured fun. Racer Steve is the guitarist, with his
vocal role largely relegated to a few skits between tracks.

The intended age for the lyrics — which deal with typical kid issues
— probably starts in kindergarten, but due to the fast pace and
eclectic music styles, it’s fun and enriching dance music for toddlers.

(Caution: The group’s official website is bursting with sound at every turn, long before you get to their nifty Flash music player.)


2 Responses to “Music Review: Princess Katie & Racer Steve”

  1. Cindi Hoppes says:

    I adore it. Cindi

    March 13th, 2008 at 11:12 am

  2. PsychMamma says:

    Loved everything I heard from both albums!

    March 13th, 2008 at 12:35 pm

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