Baby Name Submissions, Installment #7

Parents in Alberta, Canada know a thing or two about baby naming. The Sherwood Park News notes the following gems from 2007:

"Topping the list is an Adonis, Blue-Quill, Corny, Felony, Furious,
Geronimo, Gretzky, Hinton, Jackpine, Jesus, Kajun, Ivy, Little,
Maxxamillion, Milwaukee, Obsidian-Angel, Rainbow, Salmon, Slim, Stylez,
Tao and Zero. There were also three Blazes, two Husseins and a whopping
174 babies named, well, Baby."

Here are the final 56 entries in the Name My Baby Boy Contest. Winners will be announced next week. Thanks for playing!

Photo of Chef Ramsay.

Photo of Max footwear by Vincent.

Name: Ramsay or Ram

Story: Ramsay means "wild garlic island" which is perfect because there is a rather famous Chef Ramsay (yes it is his last name). It a strong and unique name that can hold it’s own. It also has a classic feel that doesn’t make it stand out as one of those trendy names or on the verge of made-up. I feel it is very powerful and well suited to any young man.

The nickname Ram would be quite fitting as the odds of your son being born under the Aries sign are quite high. Therefore the nickname and the sign go perfectly well together. Ramsay is a sure-fire winner and a great name for your son.

Shoe: The Max. The Max shoe is looks sensible, reliable and stylish. It is the perfect shoe for any boy named Ramsay and would do Chef Ramsay proud. Safe for tough work in the kitchen whipping up any master-piece and sure footed for hikes and all outdoor activities that Ram will surely participate in.
—from Stefani L.

A silhouette of a head with a question mark in it.
Photo of H2) footwear by Vincent.

Name: Element

Story: Element‘s story hasn’t been written yet. One of many definitions states, a constituent part; as he will be in your lives. He will be one to appreciate nature and harmonize with all four elements. He will have a stellar personality and his characteristic traits will be, well, what else but elemental.

Shoe: What else but the H20, one of the essentials!
—from Jenna C.

Photo of Uncle Fester.
Photo of Stan footwear by Vincent.

Name: Fester

Story: Unlike many so-called baby names, this name is very adaptable. It is already both a proper noun and a verb. It also carries the cachet of being carried by the most famous character of classic television: Uncle Fester. This means that the pressure to come up with a Halloween costume is eliminated for at least one year and the expectation to have or keep a full head of hair is non-existant. And depending on your definition of "science fiction" this name could also satisfy on that front. How else do you explain the ability to light up bulbs with your mouth?

Shoe: Obviously with a name like Fester, a kid wants to stand out. Stan is the perfect choice for Fester (though I predict they will soon name a shoe after your son, if you choose this name. Who wouldn’t want to wear The Fester?).
—from Sarah G.

Photo of Captain Kirk from Star Trek.
Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Tiberius

Story: James Tiberius Kirk is the captain of the starship Enterprise in the science fiction television drama Star Trek, as well as several Star Trek movies. Kirk is the quintessential male of the future. Driven. Composed. Unflappable. He has great hair and the ability to be desirable to females of alien species all over the galaxy.

Shoe: Kirk would wear the Viktor today. No doubt the Viktor is the stylish forerunner of the patent leather ankle boots the Kirk of the future would wear.
—from Eric D.

Photo of Chewbacca from Star Wars.
Photo of Frog footwear by Vincent.

Name: Chewie

Story: Chewie (nickname of the infamous Chewbacca) is the Wookie business partner of Han Solo in the Star Wars movies and books. He exhibits strength, intelligence, companionship, and loyalty consistently throughout the movies. The beauty of this name is that not only does it refer to one of the key characters of the greatest science fiction trilogy of all time, it could be used as an adjective to describe your child. "My son is very chewie today." Not in the sense that you chew on him, but, that he likes to chew on things.

Shoe: Chewie would wear a pair of Frogs. The smiling boot will let everyone know that his bark is worse than his bite, and because they are "generously sized to fit thicker socks," they’d be perfect for furry Wookie feet.
—from Melissa S.

Photo of Sullivan from the movie Monsters, Inc.
Photo of Stan footwear by Vincent.

Name: Sullivan

Story: No real story for this name… um, the big blue monster from Monsters, Inc? Yeah, that’s it! A big and strong, but lovable and tender guy!

It’s just a favorite name of mine. It’s uncommon, but not unheard of… it’s little boy cute as well as grown man mature… A nickname of Sully is pretty dang cute too…

Shoe: Stan. Like the name Sullivan, these shoes are a perfect combination of classic and *almost* trendy.
—from Heather M.

Photo of Sirius Black from Harry Potter.
Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Sirius

Story: As in Sirius Black from Harry Potter. Excellent character with a great name! Sirius stems from a Latin term meaning "glowing" and is the name of a star.

Shoe: Viktor, stylish, and perfect for a wizard
—from Mary K.

Photo of Emil Haury.
Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Emil

Story: Emil Haury is one of the fathers of modern archeology in the U.S. southwest. He did a lot of very influential research, including pioneering work in tree-ring dating.

As a sci-fi connection, there’s an author named Emil Petaja. I’ve never read his work, but it sounds pretty interesting from this description.

There are apparently four ways to pronounce this name: ¨ē′mÉ™l, ā′-; em′əl; ā mÄ“l′. Haury preferred the second, but the first may do better in today’s market (i.e., it doesn’t rhyme with anything bad I can think of). It’s not a made up name, but it is unusual.

Shoe: Emil would wear the Daniel shoe in brown, a tough but cute shoe with a strong resemblance to a hiking boot, perfect for adventures in the name of science. If only they’d been around in 1904!
—from Karen GS

Photo of Atticus Finch.
Photo of Max footwear by Vincent.

Name: Atticus

Story: Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mocking Bird is strong, moral, just, and righteous. He leads the town and his children by example. He is strong and empathetic, and does not bear grudges. Atticus is a dedicated father, and a consistent man. He is intelligent and well-respected by the many who come to know him. He holds strong moral convictions and is not swayed by the norms of society.

Shoe: Max in brown or black. It is simple and functional and can be dressed up or worn with casual wear. It is made for the long haul without bell and whistles to attract attention. It simply exists for the purpose of it’s use. It is understated and beautiful and looks extremely comfortable.
—from Maria C.

Photo of the electronic game called Simon.
Photo of Hampus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Simon

Story: Simon is a great son, a loyal pal, and a generally nice guy to be around. Everyone likes a Simon.

Shoe: The Hampus, because they are fun and sporty like Simon.
—from Laura M.

The bookcover of Walden.
Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Walden

Story: He’s a nature lovin’ tree hugger. Walden (first published as Walden; or, Life in the Woods) by Henry David Thoreau is one of the best-known non-fiction books written by an American. Walden is great because it can be shortened to Wally as well!

Shoe: The Daniel boot because it looks like a great rugged outdoor shoe.
—from Laura M.

Photo of Mark Twain.
Photo of Max footwear by Vincent.

Name: Twain

Story: Twain is unique and interesting. After all, it was the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain. It means "two items of the same kind." We all have two sides. It’s the yin and yang of names.

"The dual concepts of yin and yang (or heaven and earth) describe two primal opposing but complementary principles or cosmic forces said to be found in all non-static objects and processes in the universe."

Shoe: I would choose Max for Twain. The contrasted stitching, as well the as the casual yet sophisticated look remind me of the contrasts the name alludes to.
—from MM

Drawing of Cale from Titan AE.
Photo of Martin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Cale

Story: We were going to name our son Cale until a grandmother would disown us for naming our son after a cabbage (kale).

There are several Cale’s I know, one is the portagonist in Titan AE, and then of course, Cale Yarborough, a famous NASCAR champion. There’s a city in Portugal called Cale, from which the country seems to be named (Portus Cale…Portucale…), but the etymology is unclear — it may be from the Greek "kallis" which means beautiful. Cale seems like a pretty masculine word for beautiful to me. It may also be from the word for "warm" which also is a good sentiment.

Shoe: Cale would wear navy/white Martin shoes. As the designers say, "Fun in a rough-and-tumble way, Martin is the perfect shoe for your own little daredevil." It’s sporty and active.
—from Matthew H.

Photo of Samuel Maverick.
Photo of Simon footwear by Vincent.

Name: Maverick

Story: Maverick is a very strong name that stems from a 19th century American rancher named Samuel Maverick that refused to brand his cattle like the rest of the ranchers and was therefore labeled as a non-conformist or a wildly independent man. Since then, you will find the word/name Maverick used in/on recording studios, surfing locations, cars, movies, pro sports teams, businesses, etc.

Shoe: Maverick would wear Simon in black/white. They have a wild pattern to them, ankle support for all the stunts he will attempt and would stand out with any outfit he wears.
—from Christina

A Jethro Tull album cover.
Photo of Simon footwear by Vincent.

Name: Jethro

Story: It is a name that fits all occasions.

  • Meeting your future Mother-In-Law: "Jethro what a nice name. That was the name of Moses’ Father-In-Law."
  • Impressing your high-school buddies: "Yeah my parents named me Jethro after that rock-band Jethro Tull."
  • Interviewing with a potential employer: "Well my parents named me Jethro after Jethro Tull the agriculturist who invented the seed drill in 1701."
  • Narcissist self-indulgence: Hey I am the only one in the U.S. named Jethro Smith according to
  • Self-effacing moment to impress a girl: Imitating Jethro Bodine and saying that is why your parents gave you your name.

Shoe: Jethro would were the Simon style of shoes from Vincent. They are a little bit punk and yet still comfortable.
—from Rachel O.

Photo of a Jeep ZJ.
Photo of Hampus footwear by Vincent.

Name: ZeJay

Story: A ZJ is a type of Jeep, which my husband drives and he reminds me all the time about its power and its strengh. I feel its a strong name for a baby boy. Unique but not to crazy a happy medium. We take the Jeep to sand dunes in the summer, it is full of fun.

Shoe: Herman, because they would be good off-roading shoes, they fit right in with Jeep gear.
—from Samantha M.

Photo of a lion.
Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Leo

Story: What about Leo? A room full of lions would be great! Cuddly lions, fierce lions, cute lions, and your little Leo! Notable and not-so-notable Leos:

Shoe: Leo would wear the Daniel shoes. They’re sporty, sturdy, and cool — just like your little guy!
—from Melissa T.

Drawing of the hunter in the constellation Orion
Photo of James footwear by Vincent.

Name: Orion

Story: Orion is a constellation, also known commonly
as "the hunter." According to Greek mythology, Orion was placed amoung the stars by Zues.

Shoe: Orion would wear James dress shoes. A
classical shoe for a classical name.
—from Kaely M.

Drawing of Dream of the Endless.
Photo of Adam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Dream

Story: Dream (of the Endless) is one of seven personifications of powerful forces or aspects of the
universe as is the lead character in Neil Gaiman’s
The Sandman series.

Shoe: Dream would wear Adam boots (in black of
course). The rubber soles and toe protection would
useful for when he’s traipsing around the Dreaming
(never know what you might step in) and they just look cool.
—from Kaely M.

Photo of Declan in Showtime's Brotherhood.
Photo of Wilson footwear by Vincent.

Name: Declan

Story: Declan is a saint, the given name of rocker Elvis Costello, and generally portrayed in fiction as a bad guy turned good (i.e. Brotherhood and the Jackal). We were looking for a name with Irish heritage and fell in love with the idea of using the nickname Deco like the character on Showtime’s Brotherhood, until we found out we’d be having a girl.

Shoe: Declan would rock the Wilson. They are classy enough for a 5th Century bishop, hip enough for a stylish rocker and easy on and off for those long nights (and mornings) after visiting an Irish pub.
—from Joe H.

Photo of Walter Brennan.
Photo of Hampus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Brennan

Story: Brennan is derived from Irish (duh) surnames and means "raven." I envision your little guy Brennan as a footballer, author, and all-around good guy. Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans is the birthplace of Bananas Foster, but your tyke should start with mashed bananas first!

Shoe: Brennan would wear the Hampus model–perfect for his
first outing on the field!
—from Melissa T.

Photo of a mug of mead.
Photo of Face footwear by Vincent.

Name: Accasbel

Story: Credited in early Irish lore to opening the first tavern in Ireland.

Shoe: The namesake Accasbel had to deal with the trials and tribulations of the tavern; so, to get cheered up he would wear Face today.
—from Lee

Photo of a Buddha statue.
Photo of Oskar footwear by Vincent.

Name: Siddharth

Story: If I have another son, I would name him Siddharth. This is the name of the Gautama Buddha, before he became the Buddha. It means "he who has attained his goals" or "every wish fulfilled." I have always liked it, and while it could be shortened to "Sid," my husband likes the "Darth" nickname! A literary reference: Hernam Hesse wrote Siddhartha.

Shoe: Siddharth would wear the Oskar in brown, because it is the closest thing to a sandal.
—from Peter and Priya

A silhouette of a head with a question mark in it.
Photo of Adam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Kirian

Story: This is a nice strong name and not too popular kind of Irish…I think a derivative of Kyran or Keiran Gaelic for dark one…sounds kind of mysterious…my daughter wanted to name one of our babies this if it was a boy because she thinks it sounds like crayon and she likes crayons.

Shoe: Adam as in black, very dark and brooding…mysterious.
—from Adela G.

Drawing of Cecil from The Simpsons.
Photo of Hampus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Cecil

Story: I love this name because it reminds me of The Simpsons
and is somewhat unusual…not liking the meaning which is blind…but still a nice strong name.

Shoe: Hampus in navy and yellow…kind of sporty like a soccer player…European almost.
—from Adela G.

A silhouette of a head with a question mark in it.
Photo of James footwear by Vincent.

Name: Victor or Viktor

Story: This is a great name very masculine meaning conqueror.

Shoe: James…he needs to look spiffy he is going
—from Adela G.

Photo of Ash from the Evil Dead movies. He's screaming as a severed hand clutches his neck.
Photo of Albin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Ash or Asher

Story: This is an awesome name because Evil Dead is the best movie ever and I just love the name Ash and he has a chainsaw for an arm…just the coolest.

Shoe: Albin because he would need to have warm boots while battling the living dead.
—from Adela G.

Painting of Miles Standish.
Photo of Lars footwear by Vincent.

Name: Miles

Story: Miles Standish is one of the manly men of American history whose bravery and military acumen helped the Plymouth colony survive. Miles Vorkosigan is the physically frail, endearing, quick-witted hero of many of Lois McMaster Bujold’s books.

Shoe: Miles would wear Lars boots because they have a bit of a military vibe, but with an element of flexibility and a "ready for anything" attitude.
—from Sherri KE

Photo of Anders Eliasson.
Photo of Konrad footwear by Vincent.

Name: Anders

Story: Origin: Greek. Meaning: man or warrior. Anders Eliasson (April 3, 1947) is a Swedish composer. He has composed several symphonies (the fourth premiered in 2007) among other works, including a solo Disegno per trombone in the repertoire of Christian Lindberg.

Shoe: Fall and winter are always long, wet and often cold here in Scandinavia. But why let that stop young kids from keeping dry, warm and looking sharp? So we set out to design Konrad, a high-top leather boot for the younger kids. The Konrad is the manly shoe that will make him the warrior of the snow!
—from Marissa K.

Photo of a Lego figure taking a spear to the chest in a reenactment of Heart of Darkness.
Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Marlow

Story: Marlow serves as the narrator/storyteller in several of Joseph Conrad’s novels, including most notably Lord Jim and Heart of Darkness. Set aside Francis Ford Coppola’s treatment of the latter in his film Apocalype Now and focus instead on the Marlow who represents the surge of civilization into the unknown Congo, and ultimately (via Conrad) the great and selfless gesture to Colonel Kurtz’s bride-to-be about her love’s last words.

If you appreciate command of the English language, Conrad is a great and skilled writer, all the more so as we realize that English is not his first language. Marlow as the continued presence across Conrad’s stories continues an injection of this personal in a variety of places and settings, a testament to the figure Conrad has created for us all — he’s not a perfect hero, but he’s a defining and memorable character who thought quite a lot about doing the right thing.

This book (new to me upon writing this suggestion, but I might now go buy it) has been written entirely about the Marlow character.

In the book summary, the author references Marlow as "a Buddha preaching in European clothes." Those aren’t my words, but I think they do reflect the depth of this interesting character, who embodies his author at his aspirational best as traveler and hero.

Shoe: Young Marlow, with the heart of an explorer, would want to be suited up properly in his Daniel model shoes. …flexible, enterprising, and ready for anything — like Marlow himself.
—from Michael S.

Photo of Ilya Kabakov.
Photo of H2) footwear by Vincent.

Name: Ilya

Story: Ilya Kabakov is a playful Russian installation artist who creates imaginary worlds that take everyday life and turns them into meaningful aesthetic experiences. He riffs on Cabinets of Curiosities and anti-authoritarianism too.

Also, his last name was my daughter’s first word. Kubakub.

Shoe: He would probably wear the H2O wellies because it is very wet in Moscow and he would like that their use was marked on each foot.
—from Lacey T.

Photo of Westley from The Princess Bride.
Photo of Ludvig footwear by Vincent.

Name: Westley

Story: As for many, The Princess Bride has always been one of my favorite movies. I think anything to do with this movie though would be especially lasting. It is in the end a timeless tale of bravery and love. The name Westley is not overly common yet not odd. It has a strong sound to it and should stand the test of time.
Who better to be named after than the brave Westley. With his strength he can out duel Inigo, with his brain he can out think Vizzini, and his bravery allows him to repeatedly face death for his one true love, Princess Buttercup!

Shoe: The Ludvig boot looks like it has what it takes to get Westley through the Fire Swamp and withstand attacks from the R.O.U.S.
—from Maria V.

Photo of planes flying in echelon formation.
Photo of Adam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Echelon

Story: Echelon, from the French word for ladder, is the name of a military formation which helped Frederick the Great of Prussia become, well, great. It is a staggered, stair-like formation which gives soldiers a wide range of vision. Echelon has also been applied to airplane, bird, and cycling formations. Math geeks will remember "row echelon form" from linear algebra. Echelon is also the name of an international intelligence (spy!) agency and comes up in various video games, not to mention chess. The word also denotes rank, as people speak of "the upper echelon." I like the sound of it, think it conveys excellence, and find it to have a bit of mystique.

Shoe: Echelon would wear Adam shoes because of their military-influenced styling.
—from Samantha G.

Painting of Tycho Brahe.
Photo of H2) footwear by Vincent.

Name: Tycho

Story: Tycho Brahe was a famous Swedish astronomer. He was a man of science who also liked to party hard. How does one deduce this? He was an astronomer and an alchemist… Head in the clouds, and not unfamiliar with explosions. Woo hoo! The name isn’t much in use today, so it qualifies for the unique handle for sure. And hey, not enough of us are named after scientists these days.

Shoe: Tycho would like the H20 shoe. He couldn’t
resist the tie in with the periodic table and he’d be all set for
wading though lab accidents and spring puddles, whichever came his
—from Patti L.

Drawing of Uriah Heep.
Photo of Simon footwear by Vincent.

Name: Uriah

Story: I saw the contest the first day you announced it and instantly thought of this name and then instantly decided not to submit it because it is the name of the antagonist (Uriah Heep) in Charles Dickens’ novel David Copperfield. So I have mulled it over every day, and even though Uriah Heep’s character is villainous, I finally decided to submit it because quite simply I like the name.
I have two girls so I have not been able to use the name myself. Even if I should ever have a boy I wouldn’t be able to use the name because it is also the name of an ex-boyfriend of mine. After some research though, I see it is also the name of a ’60s English rock band. They of course named themselves after the Dickens’ character.

Shoe: As for the shoe, Uriah would wear the Simon because it looks like a shoe a rock star would wear.
—from Jennifer R.

Photo of Dashiell Hammett.
Photo of James footwear by Vincent.

Name: Dashiell

Story: In addition to having quite a nice ring to it, this name embodies a tall, mysterious man who uses his wit, his physique, and his superior intellect to fight crime. Fitting, because this name comes from Dashiell Hammett, (first name James), an early 20th century crime novelist. Perhaps the literary fields will come easily to your Dashiell.

Shoe: He’d wear the James style. After all, suaveness of that magnitude needs shoes to match.
—from Jen S.

Photo of Anatole France.
Photo of Valter footwear by Vincent.

Name: Anatole

Story: From Anatole France, the famous French writer and satirist. Also the writer of this most thoroughly fabulous quote: "Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe." All parents want their children to live harmoniously, why not give yours a head start?

Shoe: He’d wear the Valter style in order to avoid slipping and sliding in his wandering.
—from Jen S.

Photo of Seamus Heaney.
Photo of Face footwear by Vincent.

Name: Seamus

Story: I like the writings of Seamus Heaney. (He did win the Nobel Prize in literature). The name solely brings to mind a singularly happy chap, destined to bring an air of good cheer to all he encounters.

Shoe: He’d obviously wear the Face style. For what other shoes would he chose than the ones that reflect his good nature?
—from Jen S.

Painting of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
Photo of Smith footwear by Vincent.

Name: Dante

Story: Interestingly enough, not after the famous Dante and his inferno. Rather, my affinity towards the name comes from Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the extraordinary poet and painter. Is it possible to have a minor crush on a man who lived over 100 years ago?

Shoe: The Smith style. A man of his artistic talent appreciates sheer aesthetic harmony. These shoes are all that and a palette of paint.
—from Jen S.

Drawing of William Wallace.
Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Wallace

Story: Think William Wallace, of Braveheart fame. What better legacy to bravery and loyalty than a man who was willing, (per the movie) to be drawn and quartered for his FREEEEEDOOOOM!

Shoe: Practical until the end, he’d wear the Daniel shoes. In brown. To match his spear.
—from Jen S.

Sculpture of Ibn al-Nafis.
Photo of Adam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Nafis

Story: Ibn al-Nafis was the author of the first science fiction novel, Theologus Autodidactus, in the mid-13th century. In addition to giving the world science fiction, Ibn al-Nafis did pioneering work in a wide range of subjects, including medicine, physiology, philosophy and theology, and is remembered as one of the greatest minds of the Middle Ages.

Shoe: Ibn al-Nafis would wear the Adam because it is a versatile shoe that goes with any one of the many subjects of his genius.
—from Samantha G.

Painting of Voltaire.
Photo of Tom footwear by Vincent.

Name: Sirian

Story: The great French Enlightenment author Voltaire is credited with writing the first modern science fiction story, Micromegas. In Micromegas, the title character, often referred to simply as "The Sirian," was a visitor from a distant planet who marveled at how seriously humans took things that seem so small (not unlike newborn sons).

Shoe: The Sirian would wear the Tom, as its sleek design would fit in perfectly both on his inter-stellar voyage to Earth and in Voltaire’s fashionable 18th-century Paris.
—from Samantha G.

Photo of Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein the movie.
Photo of Simon footwear by Vincent.

Name: Victor

Story: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is considered by many to be the foundational work of modern science fiction, but very few people realize Frankenstein is the name not of the monster, but of the scientist who created him, and that Victor is the first name of the first great sci-fi anti-hero brought down by his own ego, a theme repeated endlessly in countless science fiction stories since.

Shoe: As the creation of an English author, Victor would surely choose the Simon and its sophisticated checked print.
—from Samantha G.

Photo of Trelane from Star Trek.
Photo of Mini Frog footwear by Vincent.

Name: Trelane

Story: Trelane is the name of the powerful tormentor of the Enterprise crew in the original series episode The Squire of Gothos. In this episode, a powerful, but impetuous and erratic being with a fascination for Napoleonic Europe kidnaps the Enterprise crew and forces them to participate in his fun, culminating in Trelane pursuing Captain Kirk as the prey in a fox hunt. But just as Trelane is about to kill Kirk, two beings intervene to save him, claiming to be Trelane’s parents, scold him over his protestations that he is merely playing, apologize to the crew and return them on their way.

Shoe: Trelane would wear the Minifrog, a perfect shoe for a playful child.
—from Samantha G.

Statue of Gilgamesh.
Photo of H2) footwear by Vincent.

Name: Enkidu

Story: Enkidu is the name of the sidekick of the hero of the Gilgamesh Epic, considered by many to not only be the first story ever told, but the first science fiction story, as well. Enkidu, raised in the wild by animals, was known for his loyalty and courage.

Shoe: As the Great Flood is part of the Gilgamesh Epic, Enkidu wouldn’t be caught dead without his H2Os.
—from Samantha G.

The cover of the book Deryni Checkmate.
Photo of Adam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Alaric

Story: Duke Alaric Morgan is the sworn protector of the boy king Kelson of Gwynedd in Katherine Kurtz’s awesome (and mostly out of print) Chronicles of the Deryni. He’s a badass renegade who’s also honorable, forthright, a loyal friend and a devoted husband and father (eventually). He also has wicked cool magical powers, including the power to heal. Who would be a better role model? Also, Alaric’s actually a name — it means "noble, regal ruler." So it has geek cred and ancient history cred — Alaric was the name of the chief of the Visigoths who led an army to sack Rome in 410. This event symbolized the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Shoe: Alaric would obviously wear the Adam in black. A shoe fit for a magical badass duke or the chief of the Visigoths.
—from Melissa P,

Photo of.Axl Rose.
Photo of Valter footwear by Vincent.

Name: Axel

Story: Its meaning is "father is peace." Scandinavian variant of Absalom. Rock star Axl Rose.

Story: Valter. I believe Axel would wear the Valter boots. They are equally suited for peace marches & arena concert stage diving!
—from Renee H.

Photo of Konrad Lorenz.
Photo of Konrad footwear by Vincent.

Name: Konrad

Story: Its meaning is "bold advisor." Variant of Conrad (Old German) "courageous advice".

Story: Konrad. Of course! (I honestly didn’t know this was one of the shoe names.) Incidentally, it’s my fave of the boots I’ve seen.
—from Renee H.

A silhouette of a head with a question mark in it.
Photo of Max footwear by Vincent.

Name: Otto

Story: Its meaning is "wealth."

Story: Max. Otto would wear Max because it is quite metropolitan. The modern, prosperous man is concerned with style, versatility, & comfort.
—from Renee H.

Illustration of Roland.
Photo of James footwear by Vincent.

Name: Roland

Story: It means "famous land" from the Germanic elements of "fame" and land. Roland was a semi-legendary French hero whose story is told in the epic Chanson de Roland, where he is a nephew of Charlemagne killed in battle with the Saracens.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk (August 7, 1936 – December 5, 1977) was a blind American jazz multi-instrumentalist, playing tenor saxophone, flute and other reed instruments… His main instrument was the tenor saxophone, supplemented by other saxes, and contrasted with the lighter sound of the flute. At times he would play a number of these horns at once, harmonising with himself, or hold a note endlessly by using circular breathing, or play the flute through his nose.

Shoe: James. Whether a revolutionary martyr (I hope not), or a musical virtuoso, this little guy wore wingtips from day one! Except now they’re comfy.
—from Renee H.

Photo of Sven Vath.
Photo of Tom footwear by Vincent.

Name: Sven

Story: It’s an old Nordic (Scandinavian) word for young man (also: youthful, juvenile, young, boy)

  • The ASCII values of s v e n (115, 118, 101, 110) summed up equal 444 (magic number)
  • The ASCII values of S V E N (83, 86, 69, 78) summed up are 316, which equals the rounded square root of 100,000
  • Also: the 316th day in 2000 (and in every leap year) is 11/11 (November 11th, also beginning of German carnival)
  • The letters in SVEN 4 U can be shifted to VENUS
  • Although the name Sven creates an active mind and a restless urge to explore new ideas, we emphasize that it causes a superior, interfering expression whose favorite expression is "I know."
  • Inspired by Sven Vath, electronica dj/techno music producer.

Shoe: Tom. These boots, in black, make the move from the playground to the dj booth, without missin’ a beat!
—from Renee H.

Photo of Verner von Heidenstam.
Photo of Stan footwear by Vincent.

Name: Verner

Story: Its meaning: spring-like, the protecting army, warrior

Shoe: Stan. Verner would be all about the Stans. He would have a pair in every color. Very strong & stylish indeed!
—from Renee H.

Photo of Yngwie Malmsteen.
Photo of Dennis footwear by Vincent.

Name: Yngve

Story: Yngve, Its meaning: of Ing’s army.

  1. Inspired by neo-classical guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen (my husband actually met him when DH was working at a Miami guitar shop)
  2. Yngve Gamlin, film director.

Shoe: Dennis. Yngve would really love the Dennis shoes because they’re cool, simple, edgy, versatile, and quick & easy to put on. Whether at Guitar Center or playing a gig, Dennis does the job.
—from Renee H.

Photo of Jim Bridger.
Photo of Ivar footwear by Vincent.

Name: Bridger

Story: Jim Bridger was a western mountain / Renaissance man of sorts who kept busy as an explorer, entrepreneur, and also managed to spin up some great campfire stories on the side. As he worked his way across the West, he spent time conversing with the natives (he learned several languages), built a trading post, and became one of the first non-native people to see both the Great Salt Lake and the geysers at Yellowstone (when people heard his stories about the geysers, most dismissed them as another one of his tall tales). Oh, and the Bridger Mountain Range and Bridger Wilderness area in Montana are named after him. Those are beautiful ways to be remembered.

Shoe: Jim would need two pairs of shoes: A durable and warm pair for his hikes through the mountains (Ivar) and a second pair for when he needs more of the business-mountain man look (Adam).
—from Audra M.

Photo of Judah Folkman.
Photo of James footwear by Vincent.

Name: Judah

Story: After Judah Folkman, physician and cancer researcher. Dr. Folkman was the first to recognize that tumor cells grow by acquisitioning the surrounding vascular tissue (he was subsequently laughed at during conferences until studies proved him correct). Kind hearted, earnest, unassuming, he gave his patients his home number in case they ever needed to call him outside of office hours. He was both a physical and a spiritual healer, and he leaves a legacy of life selflessly dedicated to helping others.

Shoe: Dr. Folkman was a gentleman in both manner and attire, so he would have worn the James for its professional look and detailing (plus, it’s cushy for those long hours standing on your feet in the lab).
—from Audra M.

Photo of Skeet Ulrich.
Photo of Ivar footwear by Vincent.

Name: Ulrich or Ulrik

Story: Its meaning is "power of the wolf; power of the home." Variant of Wulric (German), meaning "wolf-people". A saint’s name. Actor Skeet Ulrich.

Shoe: Ivar. I imagine Ulrich loving a brisk climate in the mountains. The Ivar shoes keep his feet warm & dry while chasing rabbits through the forest.
—from Renee H.

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10 Responses to “Baby Name Submissions, Installment #7”

  1. Chief Family Officer says:

    All of the names have been awesome – how will you ever choose?!

    February 8th, 2008 at 6:14 am

  2. Baby Name Map says:

    Depending on whether you want a popular or rare name, use my map of popular baby names to determine each names popularity. Some of those are going to be quite rare, I’d bet. :)

    February 8th, 2008 at 8:55 am

  3. My Boaz's Ruth says:

    Axel is also the name of the Andalite in K.A. Applegate’s Animorph series…

    February 8th, 2008 at 12:40 pm

  4. molly says:

    Love the name Alaric — I tried to convince my husband that it was a good name for our baby, to no avail.

    February 8th, 2008 at 4:07 pm

  5. renee - 21st Century Parenting says:

    Wow! Everyone did a great job. There are so many truly unique options. And this contest was a perfect idea. I’m sure it will be tough choosing winners. It’s a good thing you have 20 prizes!

    Best wishes and I pray for an easy, speedy, and safe delivery of your son!

    February 9th, 2008 at 6:20 am

  6. Carlin says:

    I live in Edmonton – just west of Sherwood Park, Alberta. Unique names here are amazing and often shocking, as the Sherwood Park article suggests.

    I have to giggle though. I would have never guessed that checking in w/ Thingamababy this morning would touch so close to home! Woo hoo. Edmonton & Area is on the map!

    February 9th, 2008 at 9:03 am

  7. lace says:

    There were some great name choices in there. Have fun choosing the top 20. It’s going to be hard.

    February 9th, 2008 at 10:15 am

  8. AJ says:

    Yes, definitely, to clarify, we are picking the winners this weekend. I’ve printed all the submissions. My wife and I are choosing our favorites, and then the debate begins.

    February 9th, 2008 at 10:31 am

  9. Jessica G. says:

    This was so much fun – I am glad it will be archived. Anyone who has a problem with finding a boy name should be directed to this site! It makes me giggle to think how much my husband and I were stumped on what to call a boy (we had 2 girls … crisis averted). There are at least six or seven names that I would have gladly used!

    February 9th, 2008 at 1:02 pm

  10. Tara says:

    I adore so many of these names. I’ve added a lot to my list! Thanks!

    February 9th, 2008 at 7:34 pm

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