How-To Parenting Videos at is a video self-help website that culls videos from many other websites. Videos are either embedded into its pages, or linked to. Here are a few gems I found in the child birth, child safety, maternity, parenting, and kid games categories. There are hundreds of short educational videos… breastfeeding, sleeping, feeding, you name it.

1. How to Deliver a Baby in a Police Car (22 minutes). This is a campy bit of fun, but it was a serious training video in 1966. Sorry, it couldn’t be embedded in this page without auto-loading. Also see the less-interesting, modern How to deliver a baby in a taxi cab.

2. How To Choose your Child’s Dolls. This video comes from Dad Labs, a couple of parent video bloggers. They differ from most parent videos in that they are actually mildly amusing… not really laugh-out-loud funny, but a good solid smile-on-your-face-the-whole-time funny.

Sidenote: They express foreboding displeasure about sexed-up dolls such as Bratz Dolls, but when I viewed this video through third-party hoster, in-video advertising popped up for Bratz Dolls and Bratz ringtones. See their follow-up full-on anti-Bratz video, too.

3. How to Make Playdoh.

4. How to encourage gender-neutral activities (or rather, how to discourage kids from associating activities with a specific gender). No embedded video, click the link.

5. How to change a baby’s diaper, as explained by John the British Midwife. It’s a plain Jane tutorial, but I’m easily amused at hearing these guys say "pooey nappies" and "righteo."

6. If you drop it, should you eat it? This is a professionally produced segment about people who eat stuff off the ground.

7. How to win at the Claw Game. When a toddler has played this game once, you’ve been suckered into losing a lot of coinage. There are methods to improve your odds of winning, and they aren’t based on skill.

Initial link via BoingBoing via the New York Times.

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