Name My Baby Boy Contest

This contest has ended. Here are links to the winners and all of the submissions.

I have a baby boy due in March. This is a contest to help my wife and I select a name, and also to have some fun. We don’t guarantee we will use a winning name selected for the contest, but it’s a real possibility. Submit your entry via e-mail per the instructions below. Enter as often as you like, as many complete submissions per e-mail as you wish.

The contest ends 11:59 p.m. Thursday, January 31, 2008 Pacific Time.

The Prize:

Photo of Vincent's TOM from its Fall/Winter 2007 collection.

I wanted to find a prize that appealed to all readers of this blog, considering that your kids range from newborns to 5-year-olds. Vincent Shoes are what my daughter wears (review one, two, three), so I contacted Christer Berg, owner of Vincent Shoes LLC, the North American distributor of the shoes. The goal was to spread the love, rather than award a single super prize. So…

Twenty winners will each receive a $50 Vincent gift certificate* redeemable at The winning submissions will be selected by my wife and I, based on our own quirky sensibilities. *The $50 is purchasing credit, not redeemable for cash, to be used in a single order.

The Vincent collection of kids’ shoes and children’s shoes are fun, fashionable and functional. The brand’s Swedish designers Patrick Osterman and Thomas Elbaum are the creative forces behind the Vincent shoe brand, which is 100% focused on kids’ shoes.  The birth of Thomas’ nephew, Vincent, in 1998 and their subsequent disappointment with a lack of high quality, stylish children’s shoes, sparked their desire and initiative to design a fun, fashionable and functional kids’ shoe brand.  Patrick and Thomas derive their inspiration for the Vincent collections from global fashion trends and what’s seen on the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York.  While fashion-inspired, the Vincent’s are not "over-designed" and there is always a focus on fit, functionality and practical use.

Naming Suggestions (encouraged, but not required)

  1. Incorporate wit, whimsy or thoughtfulness into your entry.
  2. Consider a character name from a book, TV show or movie, or an historical figure. The name should have a story behind it, something we can sink our mental hooks into.
  3. Consider a science fiction name. That’s the geek in me speaking, but my wife will probably veto really strange names such as Gamera.
  4. The baby’s name should be unusual because his last name will be very common. I urge you to use the name lookup services at and the US Social Security Administration to gauge the popularity of the name.
  5. Avoid names meaningful to you because of your own family history. We really don’t care that your grandfather was named Wenceslas. Sorry.

How to Enter the Contest

1. Send an e-mail to [address redacted since contest has now ended] with the word "contest" in the subject line. Include your real name and e-mail address if your e-mail’s FROM field lists a nickname or you are using someone else’s account.

2. Propose a first name for my baby boy. (We already have ideas for the middle name.)

3. In your own words, tell me about the baby name.

4. Optional: include a website link to more information or photos related to the baby boy name.

5. Tell me the name of the Vincent shoe style you think best embodies the boy’s name you have submitted and why. (Visit to browse the shoes.)

6. Optional: If you have a personal or professional website, give me the link and I
will link it to your name when submissions are published on E-mail addresses will not be published.

It is likely multiple people will submit similar names conveying the same ideas and/or using similar words. If anyone feels cheated by the winning submissions, sorry, but you are subject to the whims of my and my wife’s thing-a-ma-brains. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Example: A Thoughtful Submission

Example: A Funny Submission

  • Name: Caesar
  • Story: Gaius Julius Caesar is one of the most influential men in history. Sure, he was pivotal in the formation of the Roman Empire, but people name their kids after US presidents who also led a global empire. Caesar eventually became a generic title for any person who led the Roman Empire and later, a generic title for a really great salad dressing.
  • Link:
  • Shoe: Caesar only wore sandals, so today he would wear TONI shoes because they have vented openings.

Example: A Science Fiction Submission

  • Name: Mork
  • Story: Mork and Mindy is a classic TV sitcom. Mork lands on Earth in an egg, ages backward and sits on his head. He exemplifies the eternal child.
  • Shoe: Mork often wore red, and while a lot of red snow boots would work, baby Mork would wear red FACE shoes because of their friendly smiley faces.

Privacy and Nitty Gritty:

Contest entries may be published on throughout the contest period and afterward. Submissions may be edited for brevity. E-mail addresses of contest participants will not be published on 

The real names and e-mail addresses of the 20 winners will be shared with Vincent Shoes LLC for the purpose of e-mailing them about their prize. Thingamababy will e-mail winners with our congratulations, and may send a one-time e-mail to all contest submitters to inform them when contest results are published.


The contest ends 11:59 p.m. Thursday, January 31, 2008 Pacific Time. Because we expect a large number of wordy entries, the 20 winners will be announced sometime in the month of February 2008. My wife and I will work as quickly as possible to determine the winners.

Thanks, and have fun with this!

Keep the names coming!

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