Baby Name Submissions, Installment #5

Matt Wixon, a columnist for the Dallas Morning News, so far has three responsibilities in preparation for his baby who is due next month.

  1. Paint some furniture.
  2. Come up with potential baby names that his wife can reject.
  3. Reject his wife’s potential baby names.

Yep, that sounds familiar. Here are the next 37 submissions for the Name My Baby Boy Contest. Why 37? Because that means I’ve finally caught up in processing all valid submissions to date. Yay!

The contest ends 11:59 p.m. Thursday, January 31, 2008 Pacific Time. Post comments on submitted names in the comment form below. Submit your own names via e-mail per contest rules.

Photo of Korben from Fifth Element.

Photo of Ivar footwear by Vincent.

Name: Korben

Story: The geek in me likes Korben from
Fifth Element (Korben Dallas). I love this movie and the end message
about love is a nice one. The bada boom is pretty fun too.

Shoe: Korben would definitely wear the Ivar. It’s a sturdy boot and it looks stylish enough for planet hopping.
—from Thao L.

Photo of Oakley sunglasses.

Photo of Albin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Oakley

Story: The greatest sunglasses in the world and a nod to the outgoing, sporty, fun and carefree nature of those that wear them.

Shoe: Albin most definitely — I see a boy named Oakley being very masculine, athletic, outgoing and out snowboarding and enjoying nature on a ski slope or out hiking.
—from Shari C.

Photo of Winston cigarettes.

Photo of Wilson footwear by Vincent.

Name: Winston

Story: We just named our second adopted son and this was on our list. I have always loved this name and think it brings prestige to a toddler. However, the cigarette brand name kind of threw us for a loop so we looked to other ‘W’ names and came up with Wilson, our sister-in-law’s father’s name. We loved it. I won’t tell you the name we finally chose but it is neither of those… Our bebe was a "ruler," but not of England.

Shoe: Winston means joy and Wilson obviously means Will’s son. The Wilson, of course.
—from Marcie P.

Photo of a bust of Trajan.

Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Trajan

Story: Trajan was one of the ‘good emperors’ of Rome, arguably the best. He’s got a famous column celebrating his conquests, and a font named after him. There are 0 people in the US named this. Okay, not really, there’s at least one (my son), but that’s what says.

He can be ‘Tray’ for short, if he must. I’m in Texas, where it rhymes with ‘cajun’, but there are good arguments for a softer, almost silent j and I personally prefer the sound of ‘tray-zhun.’

Shoe: Trajan himself would stomp across the battlefield in a pair of Viktors (Viktors for the Victor!), but for casual wear around the palace, he’d have a pair of Toni’s.
—from Paul J.

Painting of Chiron the centaur.

Photo of the Baggy backpack by Vincent.

Name: Chiron

Story: Chiron (‘kye-run’) is the name of one of the proto-geeks of all time, the centaur from greek mythology who taught such students as Achilles, Jason and Asclepius. He could be ‘Kye’ for short.

Shoe: Chiron had hooves, not shoes, so he’d probably go for the Baggy.
—from Paul J.

Photo of Hiro Protagonist from a book cover.

Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Hiro

Story: Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash’s protagonist is named ‘Hiro Protagonist’  (pronounced ‘Hero’). I can’t think of anything else to add, other than you should read it if you haven’t. It’s also the name of one of the characters on the great TV series Heroes.

Shoe: I think the stylish utilitarianism of a pair of Viktors would appeal to the hacker in Hiro Protagonist, though Hiro Nakamura would be likely to prefer the Velcro-gadgetry of a pair of Lars.
—from Paul J.

Photo of Flash from the movie Flash Gordon.

Photo of Oliver footwear by Vincent.

Name: Flash

Story: Flash Gordon, need I say more? Polo player and galactic explorer, all around hero and nice guy.

Shoe: The sportiness of the Olivers does not detract from their excellent ankle support, a must when traipsing about the galaxy.
—from Paul J.

Photo of The Pantheon lit at night.

Photo of Smith footwear by Vincent.

Name: Rome or Roman

Story: Rome, Italy… A place of strength where many heroes and courageous people have originated. Also home of the great Roman Army, made up of loyal men, where some had to serve a minimum of 16 years.

Shoe: Smith, it reminds me of the strappy sandals the Romans wore.
—from Breanna P.

Drawing of Gambit.

Photo of Ludvig footwear by Vincent.

Name: Gambit

Story: Gambit is one of the X-Men. He can manipulate kinetic energy and is most known for throwing cards. He is quite the sexy little Cajun. I was quite miffed that he was neglected in all three X-Men movies.

Shoe: Gambit would be more apt to wear the Ludwig. They seem a little more X-Men-esque with their superhero, ultra-modern flair.
—from Christy B.

A bust of Hadrian.

Photo of Tom footwear by Vincent.

Name: Hadrian

Story: Hadrian was a Roman emperor, one of the 5 great emperors. He is famous for building a wall across England to keep the Scots (Caledonians) out. He was the successor of Trajan (also a good name).

Shoe: The shoes that would fit Hadrian are the Tom. They would be comfortable while trudging through the muddy grasslands where Hadrian’s Wall was built, but also comfortable to wear around a comfortable Roman villa.
—from Christy B.

Photo of Jimmy Stewart as Destry.

Photo of Adam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Destry

Story: Inspired by the 1939 Western parody Destry Rides Again starring Jimmy Stewart as a lawman who refuses to carry a gun and goes about cleaning up a lawless town with his sharp wit and a bit of ingenuity. Plus, Marlene Dietrich falls in love with him… And he orders a glass of milk in a saloon. Here’s some dialog to set up the character:

  • Kent: Mr. Destry, before we start drinking, I think you and me oughta come to an understanding.
  • Tom: Well, I’m all for folks understandin’ each other. That’s a mighty fine idea, Mr. Kent.
  • Kent: I’m glad you agree with me. So I’ll start by telling you that I have a very peculiar hobby.
  • Tom: So have I. Mine’s carvin’ napkin rings. What’s yours?
  • Kent: Mine’s collectin’ deputy sheriff’s guns. [The saloon empties out.] Whenever I meet a new deputy, I always ask him for his gun. And I ask ‘em real nice.
  • Tom: Well, I’m sorry Mr. Kent, I’m afraid this here’s one gun your collection’s gonna be minus.
  • Kent: You mean I’m gonna have to take it?
  • Tom: If you can. Now hold on, hold on. Don’t get excited here. I was just tryin’ to tell ya that I ain’t got any guns. You see, if I would have had a gun there, why, one of us might have got hurt — and it might have been me. I wouldn’t like that, would I? [Kent laughs with amusement]
  • Kent: Folks, seems like we got a deputy that knows what’s good for him. If he don’t carry a gun, he can’t get into any trouble. And if anybody comes to you, you come to Uncle.
  • Tom: I’ll remember that, Mr. Kent.
  • Kent: What’ll you have, deputy? [They turn and face the bar.]
  • Loupgerou: Milk?
  • Tom: Yeah, I think I will.

Shoe: Destry would wear the Adam because it looks a little bit like a cowboy boot, but mostly because it has extra toe protection (a lawman without a gun might get his toes stepped on a bit).
—from Robyn D.

Drawing of a silhouette with a question mark.

Photo of Frog footwear by Vincent.

Name: Aaron

Story: You should name your new little boy this because it is a wonderful name! My son’s name is of course—Aaron!

Shoe: Your little Aaron would wear Frog shoes because they add a little fun to life, and all kids need that, right?
—from Becky H.

Photo of Frederic Remington.

Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Remington

Story: Fredric Remington was a successful artist who loved nature, outdoor activities and did his part to record the pictorial history of the American West.

Shoe: Remington would wear Viktor brown boots, because he had a fondness for "vigorous adventures of the outdoors," and these boots look stylishly up for the job!
—from Alison S.

Photo of a lighthouse in Wells, Maine.

Photo of Frog footwear by Vincent.

Name: Wells

Story: I spent 20+ summers vacationing in Wells, Maine. It is sandwiched between two popular touristy towns of Kennebunkport and Ogunquit – and has maintained its quiet, laid back tenor. My best memories of childhood are from the beach in Wells — spending time with family, searching for crabs and snails, discovering clay underneath the sand near the jetty, playing in tide pools….

Shoe: Wells would wear the Frog boot so he could run around in the tide pools and splash when it was too cold to swim.
—from Jill M.

Old drawing of Cyrus the Great.

Photo of Hampus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Cyrus

Story: The boy’s name Cyrus \cy-rus\ is pronounced SY-russ. It is of Persian origin. Derived via the Greek form Kyros of the name of several kings of Persia. In earlier times, it was linked with Greek "kyrios" meaning "lord."

Historical: Cyrus the Great (fifth century BC) conquered Babylon at the height of its powers and founded the Persian Empire.

Biblical: Cyrus is prophetically named in the book of Isaiah as the one who would overthrow Babylon and liberate the captive Israelites.

Also the name of a fourth-century saint, a doctor in Alexandria. Inventor Cyrus McCormick; former Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. It’s a strong name with great historical and biblical meaning. Maybe it is a lot to live up to, but you will be having a "superbaby" right?!

Shoe: Cyrus would wear the Herman because he needs something comfy and sturdy for conquering the world!
—from Danielle S.

Photo of Aldous Huxley.

Photo of Gert footwear by Vincent.

Name: Huxley

Story: I chose the name Huxley in honor of the writer of the great science fiction novel A Brave New WorldAldous Huxley because…well, why not?! And "Hux" would be a great nickname!

Shoe: Little Hux would wear the Gert indoor shoe because if we are living in a constant state of euphoria, why not have comfy slippers on all the time?!
—from Danielle S.

Photo of the Chance space on a Monopoly game board.

Photo of Max footwear by Vincent.

Name: Chance

Story: I was pregnant and could not come up with a boys name (just in case), then, one night I was playing Monopoly and landed on a "chance" square. And all of a sudden, I thought that was a wonderful name!

Shoe: I would pick the Max shoe for the boy!
—from Kimberly S.

Photo of Kip, the actor who played Sunshine in the move Remember the Titans.

Photo of Simon footwear by Vincent.

Name: Kip

Story: …because Kip is unusual, but has a nostalgic flair. One can imagine Kip opening the door for a lady, helping old Mrs. Hudson with her grocery bag and ordering a soda at the malt shoppe—all while wearing chinos. In a time such as now, when teenagers seem void of manners and humility, Kip could stand out in the crowd; a gentleman and a scholar. Surely such a reputation would score him a few dates?

Famous Kips include a hockey player for the NHL (Kip Miller), a young Hollywood actor (Kip Pardue), a doctor of theoretical physics at the California Institute of Technology (Kip S. Thorne) and a famous poet (Rudyard Kipling). Those are some well-rounded people to look up to, and good role models could ensure he grows up to make something of himself- and earns enough to buy mom and dad a retirement condo on the beach. Yeah he’d do that…Good ol’ Kipper’s just that kind of guy.

Shoe: Kip would wear the Simons in black and white, and if he was feeling naughty: with his rolled up jeans and a white t-shirt (cigarettes in the sleeve not required).
—from Stefanie S.

Photo of actor Bill Paxton from the movie Aliens.

Photo of Stan footwear by Vincent.

Name: Paxton

Story: My husband and I named our son Paxton. We get asked if this is a family name but it isn’t. We just loved this unique name. One day I was standing with Paxton in a line at a shop and a middle-aged woman ahead of us turned around after hearing us talking and said, "Is your son’s name Paxton?" "Yes!" I said proudly. She told me that she had desperately wanted to name her son Paxton, but her husband wouldn’t let her. Her son is now in his twenties and she still regrets choosing a different name!

Shoe: Paxton would wear Stan shoes in the navy and yellow combination because they look like astronaut shoes. He said when he pushes the button with the V on the top of the shoes, he will blast off into space! Oh, and "fire would come out the bottom" of the shoes, according to Paxton.
—from Lisa Z.

Photo of Arthur C. Clarke.

Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Arthur

Story: Arthur would be an awesome name because any boy named Arthur would be destined for literary greatness. His literary heritage would include Arthurs such as Arthur C. Clarke of the Space Odyssey series, Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame, and Arthur Miller the playwright. And then, of course, there’s King Arthur, so your boy’s name would have connotations of spacemen, detectives, and medieval knights. How cool is that?

Shoe: Meanings of this name aren’t clear as it seems to mean anything from "rock" to "noble" to "bear," but a boy who had such a name would clearly love building imaginary worlds and so would wear the Viktor boot for his fantastic pursuits — it’s definitely ready for playing anything from spaceman to knight.
—from Diana S.

Photo of Angus MacGyver from TV's MacGyver.

Photo of Robin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Angus

Story: The more common spelling of Aengus or Aonghus, Angus was the god of love, youth, and poetic inspiration in Irish mythology. According to BehindTheName, the name Angus means "one strength."

And along with these connotations of love and strength (such great qualities to wish for your son), the main reason for suggesting this name would be the only famous Angus I know of, TV character Angus MacGyver. I could wish nothing more for your son than to have the remarkable resourcefulness of this Angus! A boy named Angus would certainly be a rare individual.

Shoe: A boy who wanted to be prepared for anything would wear the Robin urban sneaker, described as "bold yet practical, cool yet comfortable."
—from Diana S.

Drawing of Jonah being swallowed by a large fish.

Photo of Frog footwear by Vincent.

Name: Jonah or Jonas

Story: The message of the book of Jonah in the Bible is how God wants to make peace will all mankind. Jonah means ‘dove’ and the obvious connection to dove is peace. There is such significance to a name and how that individual will grow into his name. What better hope for a child than that he would be a person of peace in our world?

Shoe: Jonah would wear the very stylish Frog boot. These will protect his feet from the wetness from the bottom of the sea in the belly of the
whale. Plus, the friendly face on the toe of the boot will keep Jonah
company when he gets lonely in that whale!
—from Jenni S.

Photo of Princess Diana with a digitally added handlebar mustache.

Photo of Sam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Spencer

Story: I would like to suggest, Spencer. It is a good old-fashioned name in England. Of course, it is the maiden name of Lady Diana.

Shoe: The Sam shoe. It is casual with a touch of class.
—from Cindi H.

Old painting of Alexander the Great.

Photo of Hampus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Alexander

Story: There is always Alexander as in Alexander the Great.

Shoe: The Hampus shoe. It helps
the boy get around a defender!
—from Cindi H.

Photo of Oliver from the movie Oliver!

Photo of Smith footwear by Vincent.

Name: Oliver

Story: Universal and yet unique; it is a known name and yet relatively rare today. Easy to recognize, spell and pronounce not only for English speakers, but somehow worldwide. (I’m from Brazil and my husband is Polish). Oliver Twist? Stone? Cromwell?

Shoe: Smith – Artistic, creative, kind, sensitive, friendly and fun.
—from Mara K.

Photo of a compact fluorescent bulb.

Photo of Simon footwear by Vincent.

Name: Lucius

Story: Lucius means light. There are so many ways to spin this, but I’ll try to restrain myself… He would always travel at "light-speed." He would be associated with being: light hearted, light on his toes, illuminating, and of course be the light of your life.

Shoe: Definitely Simon, in black. These aren’t shoes that take themselves too seriously. They call to mind ska bands and skating, both things I believe a young Lucius might just enjoy.
—from Kelly K.

Photo of William Gibson.

Photo of Lars footwear by Vincent.

Name: Gibson

Story: While a common last name in the US, Gibson is rarely used as a first name. Gibson is an homage to the acclaimed science fiction writer William Gibson. His most famous work is the book Neuromancer" — a sci-fi, cyberpunk story that introduced the world to the word "cyberspace" and visualized the internet before it was "the Internet." A baby boy can’t do better than the name of the guy who foresaw our future.

Shoe: Gibson would totally wear the cyberpunk Lars shoe, in black of course.
—from Lisa F.

Photo of Tycho Brahe.

Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Tycho

Story: Tycho (ty-co) Brahe was a Danish astronomer and scientist during the late 1500′s. It would have been my boy’s name, but I had a girl so you can have the name.

Shoe: The sleek utilitarianism of the Viktor would appeal to his scientific side.
—from Spring M.

Photo of Jed from the Beverly Hillbillies.

Photo of Martin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Clyde

Story: My husband’s nickname is Clyde, and he swears he found that the name means "clumsy hillbilly." But it actually means "powerful enough to be heard from a distance." You might find that is a good description of a baby’s lungs after a few months. Oh yes, and I seriously doubt our kids’ generation will even know who Bonnie & Clyde are.

Shoe: Far from a clumsy hillbilly, the Martin shoe is a strong boy’s shoe with style.
—from Joy A.

Photo of the book Tigana.

Photo of Helmer footwear by Vincent.

Name: Devin or Daylin

Story: Both of these names appealed to my husband and me when we were looking for baby names. I was in love with Devin, he with Daylin. We could not agree on either name so ended up with another name (which I’m not mentioning here because it’s already growing too popular for our taste).

Devin came from the novel Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay. Daylin came from a book of names. Devin was one of the main characters in the novel and is a hero (of sorts). I highly recommend Kay’s books overall for looking for unique names. He is a brilliant writer. Good luck with your search!

Shoe: Helmer or Stan
Both are trendy without being over-the-top, just like our name picks.
—from Jana G.

Photo of Gary Cooper.

Photo of Adam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Cooper

Story: Though I am not generally a member of the "last name as a first name" fan club, Cooper resonated with me. It sounds masculine and cool. "Thingama Cooper" may become "Coop" when he starts playing baseball or lacrosse (in all, not a bad nickname).

Other notable Coopers:

Shoe: Cooper would certainly wear the Adam boots
when he’s out looking for rocks for his collection or
exploring in the backyard.
—from Melissa T.

Drawing of a silhouette with a question mark.

Photo of Hampus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Findlay

Story: Means fair warrior.

Shoe: Findlay would wear Hampus so he’s ready for anything!
—from Jennifer B.

Drawing of Tom Sawyer from the first edition of Tom Sawyer.

Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Sawyer

Story: Tom Sawyer is a classic character from Mark Twain’s books in which he is a cunning, playful boy. A Sawyer is a lumberjack. Sawyer is a character in the science fiction TV series Lost.

Shoe: Sawyer would wear Daniel shoes, because like all boys named Sawyer, they are rugged yet stylish.
—from Jason P.

Photo of Prince Théodred of Rohan from the Lord of the Rings movies.

Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Rohan

Story: Rohan is derived from the sanskrit word for ascending… a state that is open to your interpretation, but that is desirable any way that you view it. This is a name for someone moving steadily onward and upward in life… perhaps in a financial sense, or perhaps toward a greater understanding of humanity and the world we live in. It’s all up to you and little Rohan.

This name is also linked to the Lord of the Rings, and is the area where the Riders of Rohan originated. Traditionally horsemen, the men of Rohan were loyal, fierce and brave, yet generous of spirit and kind to their animals. If you are a Tolkien fan (pre- and post-movies) you will enjoy this secret link to Middle Earth in your son’s name.

Shoe: The Viktor boot is an obvious choice for a horseman, but in his off time I see Rohan living his day to day life in the Robin shoe in brown. Being casual and confident, he likes simple, rugged things that wear well and don’t make a flashy statement.
—from Tracy B.

Photo of Phalen Park.

Photo of James footwear by Vincent.

Name: Phalen

Story: Phalen is a shy child who seeks entertainment through thoughtful observation and lots and lots of books —
many books in tall piles arranged by subject and cross refrenced by
historical period. He shuns TV and has never touched a computer.
Classical music is his background noise selection.

Shoe: Phalen would wear the James shoe. A serious shoe for a serious child.
—Laura M.

A map outline of Finland.

Photo of Ivar footwear by Vincent.

Name: Finn

Story: There’s nothing better than telling people what Finn means: "That guy from Finland." That, and you get to call him Finbar for short.

Shoe: The Ivar looks very warm and ‘viihtyisä’ — just what a guy from Finland would need for a cold Finnish winter.
—from Tove M.

Photo of an Aston Martin DB9 sports car.

Photo of Martin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Aston

Story: A strong and smart name. Original, but not weird and easy to spell – that’s why we named our son Aston! We have gotten a lot of compliments on that name. Also, has the added bonus of being named "after" an exciting sports car — Aston Martin.

Shoe: The perfect Vincent shoe for Aston would be the Martin. Get it. Aston Martin?!
—from Carrie C.

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8 Responses to “Baby Name Submissions, Installment #5”

  1. kelli says:

    I know two newborns with names which are variations on Lucius: one as a first name and one with Liucijus as his middle name.

    January 15th, 2008 at 5:35 pm

  2. Eric Crampton says:

    Note in favour of Kip that W. Kip Viscusi, an excellent regulatory economist, definitely prefers Kip. I have no clue what the W. stands for, but he’s chosen Kip over it.

    Kip Viscusi is the one who figured out for us that the value of a statistical life is about $7 million. gives some details on him.

    I’ve been in favour of naming our soon-to-arrive first-born after a different economist. My wife thinks Tullock is a horrible name for a boy though. Sigh.

    January 15th, 2008 at 6:11 pm

  3. Inki says:

    When I hear Lucius, the first thing I think of is Malfoy from Harry Potter – maybe not the best connotation? Very cool name otherwise though :-) Good luck with the name hunt!

    January 15th, 2008 at 9:17 pm

  4. My Boaz's Ruth says:

    Ditto Inki

    January 16th, 2008 at 9:01 am

  5. Lydia says:

    I like Chance. It reminds me of my favorite movie, Being There. Peter Sellers plays Chance the gardener. Wonderful film!

    January 16th, 2008 at 9:38 am

  6. kate says:

    Aston is an incredibly cool name. It doesn’t sound pretentious, super trendy or too cutesy. It also doesn’t sound like a dog or amateur porn star name. The latter two criteria are overlooked two often and the first three…well they got lost in the shuffle a long time ago.

    AJ. Don’t mean to sound witchy but I don’t get why you guard your last name like a CIA secret.

    Super popular and starts with J?

    Uhhh….Brown…no wait that’s not it! It must be Smith! Yeah.


    We know your last name. Bwa-ha-ha.

    If it is any comfort. The one advantage of a super common name is that it makes you extremely freaking hard to track down.

    And if anyone wanted to track you down, what would they do? Demand you rescind your damning statements about baby seat carriers? Take you out for coffee and talk about how cool your blog is?

    Speaking of that, your blog is very cool. Just like what I would do. If I had the time…and your writing skills…and your design skills…and your discipline etc.

    riiiiight. ;)

    January 16th, 2008 at 10:24 am

  7. Naomi Shapiro says:

    Well, I’m still going with Atom but the Lucius suggestions remind me that Lucien was actually on our shortlist, too. After Lucien Freud. But since daddy is an artist, we decided that would be awfully pretentious…

    January 22nd, 2008 at 5:31 pm

  8. Kari says:

    My son is Paxton and we love his name. We really love the fact that it has a “peaceful meaning.” You have some great names on your site! It was fun to look through them.

    November 4th, 2008 at 9:32 am

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