Baby Name Submissions, Installment #4

A Pickles comic strip with two old men playing checkers. Their conversation goes like this: My niece had a baby. What did they name it? Jazz. Jazz what? Just jazz, no middle or last name. Are you sure this is a baby and not a pet?

Here are 30 more entries in the Name My Baby Boy Contest. We’re almost caught up to present submissions. Yay!

Photo of Miles Davis.

Photo of Linus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Miles

Story: Miles is sensitive, yet suave, modern yet traditional. Miles embodies a creative soul within an intelligent mind. He is unique and stands out in a social setting. Miles traditionally means “soldier” which doesn’t have to be militarily related; it could just stand for someone who is stoic and strong in the face of adversity.

Miles shares a name with some rather important people. A couple of examples are Miles Davis, and photographer Miles Aldridge.

There is a guy who is even trying to start a Miles Convention or un-convention as he is calling it.

Shoe: Miles would wear a blue shoe (Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album being the inspiration) and would wear the Linus shoe — a dependable, solid shoe that is also cool and modern at the same time.
—from Laura M.

Illustration of the cartoon character Dexter.

Photo of Martin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Dexter

Story: My husband and I are expecting our first, a boy in February and we chose Dexter because, like you, our last name is common—Smith.

Dexter Smith sounds perfect. It sounds a little nerdy, a little classic and a lot cool. Many people I have told the name to have said “that sounds like the name of a president!” That makes me smile.

Shoe: I love the Martin shoe from Vincent shoes. They are perfect in every way and I think they should have named them the Dexter.

—from Maggie S.

Photo of Carl Sagan.

Photo of Alfons footwear by Vincent.

Name: Sagan

Story: Carl Sagan is one of the most famous scientists and freethinkers of our time. The name Sagan is a great tribute to him. He is the slow talking calm guy from the Cosmos series first aired on PBS. He talks a lot about the origins of life. He was big on evolution, not so big on religion. Naming your son this would make a statement about this great man of science. This name is not very popular; there are only about 6 or 7 other children we know of with this name. My son is one of them.

Shoe: My son Sagan as well as your future son Sagan would look awesomely cute in a pair of brown Alfons. It is important to look your best when attending astrophysics classes at Princeton when you are 18-months-old.
—from Stacy W.

Photo of a silhouette with a question mark in the middle.

Photo of Valter footwear by Vincent.

Name: Farron

Story: It means a man of courage. Farron is adventurous, always outside exploring the world and will try anything once.

Also: City of Farron, Greece.

Shoe: Valter. Farron will be tough and rugged and ready to explore just like Valter shoes.
—from Noreen L.

Photo of a silhouette with a question mark in the middle.

Photo of Kurbitz footwear by Vincent.

Name: Leith

Story: Leith is a kid who splashes in puddles and loves to swim and is bubbling over with life.

Shoe: Because a Leith loves to splash in puddles and just experience more, the perfect shoe is Kurbits.
—from Noreen L.

Photo of Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space.

Photo of Robin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Odo

Story: A man of wealth and prosperity, he was the King of France in the 9th century and also the name of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s changeling officer.

Shoe: An Odo is a king and stylin but also must blend into the environment and is not flashy so Robin shoes would be perfect.
—from Noreen L.

Illustration of Lazarus Long.

Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Lazarus

Story: Lazarus is a very long-lived name In the Bible. Lazarus, the brother of Martha and Mary, is the one that Jesus dramatically raises from the dead.

In Robert Heinlein’s Time Enough For Love (as well as other Future History books), he is the longest lived man ever, as well as a survivor. Through the course of the books, he shows how much he knows and takes on many different roles.

Shoe: A man with that varied of interests would need the versatility of Daniel shoes. Good for all the activities, wet, cold, and with durability to last for the long-lived.
—from Sarah S.

Photo of Luke Skywalker.

Photo of Helmer footwear by Vincent.

Name: Luke

Story: I know it’s not extremely original, but think about it: you, Daddy, could say at any time, “Luke, I am your father!” When he’s in trouble, when you’re proud and want to admit you helped to create this genius of a child, or just when you want to remind him of his origins, you get to quote one of the most popular lines from Star Wars! And Mom, you’d make your hubby happy by allowing him the joy of quoting this line, and you know that a happy hubby makes a happier wife (and hopefully the occasional show of gratitude, be it material or otherwise…

Shoe: Luke wears the Helmer shoe because it is comfortable and relaxing for that Jedi-peaceful state, but looks sturdy enough to stay on for the light-saber fights that may occur.
—from Erica M.

Illustration of Jesus with olive skin color.

Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Jesus

Story: He is the most famous guy in history, and people know His name whether they believe His claims or not (and it doesn’t hurt that He’s the Lord…) You’d have a kid who, if he takes after his namesake, could walk on water, turn water into wine (good for when friends or relatives show up unexpectedly to your party), heal injuries, make really good friends, be a great public speaker, multiply food stores (have a low paycheck? no worries!), and save the world, among numerous other things.

Shoe: Although Jesus sported the sandal look in His day, I’d venture to say that the Jesus of 2008 would wear a hiking boot, as He does a great deal of walking. This Jesus wears the Daniel: a boot that is sturdy and will stand up to the wear and tear of a guy who travels on foot a lot, but has Velcro for easy and quick removal (entering the homes of those he’s visiting, no fuss at the end of the day when he’s tired, etc).
—from Erica M.

Photo of Dallas from The Outsiders movie.

Photo of James footwear by Vincent.

Name: Dallas

Story: Dallas is a tough and very dynamic character in the book The Outsiders. He is the kind of guy that nobody forgets. I know a Dallas who worked for Congress. He had a huge problem because everybody remembered his name (because it was interesting and unusual) and he couldn’t remember all the Mikes, Jays and Ryans. Dallas is a Celtic name that can be used for girls or boys.

Shoe: Dallas would be the perfect little bad-ass gentleman in James shoes.
—from Karen D.

Photo of Magnus, a teenage champion chess player.

Photo of Simon footwear by Vincent.

Name: Magnus (best nickname: Gus)

Story: There have been a number of impressive Magnus‘ in the history of the world: 7 Kings of Norway, 3 Kings of Sweden, a few saints, a hockey player, Chess Grandmaster, mathematician, the quiz-master from Mastermind, and the World’s Strongest Man. With these to model after, he can be anything! He definitely wouldn’t be locked into a career.

Shoe: Magnus would wear the Simon shoe. According to Thomas and Patrick, Simon is bold, determined and uncompromising. He plays hard but looks stylish doing it. The most beneficial aspect of this shoe is that with the high laces, Magnus will not be able to pull it off while riding in his car seat, hurl it at your head, bouncing it off, and allowing it to land under your brake pedal.
—from Laruel O.

Black and white photo of Eliezer before he was taken to a concentration camp.

Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Eliezer

Story: First it is a very unusual name. Second, it is a variant of the name Lazarus which means “the Lord will help” and really, we all need some help at some point! Can’t hurt to have the Lord on our side I say.

Third, it was the given name of Elie Wiesel who is a novelist, political activist, a Holocaust survivor and who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. He also received an honorary knighthood in London in 2006 for his work in raising Holocaust education in the UK. He is best known for his book Night which describes his experiences during the Holocaust in several concentration camps.

He was said to have “delivered a powerful message of peace, atonement and human dignity to humanity.”

A few of his well known quotes are:

  1. “The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.”
  2. “… I do not shout louder to change others. I shout louder so that they will not change me. Don’t let anyone change you.’ “
  3. “Our lives no longer belongs to us alone; they belong to all those who need us desperately.”

Eliezer Wiesel would be a very honorable namesake.

Fourth, if he hates his name he can always use the nickname “Eli” which is far more common and easier to say.

Shoe: Eliezar would prefer to wear the Daniel style shoe because they look sturdy, yet comfortable. As a survivor of the Holocaust he would have been well acquainted with doing hard work in very uncomfortable shoes and would definitely prefer these.
—from Tara R.

Photo of Bryce Lynch from TV's Max Headroom.

Photo of Max footwear by Vincent.

Name: Bryce

Story: Max Headroom was one of the most innovative science fiction series ever produced for American television, an ambitious attempt to build upon the cyberpunk movement in science fiction literature. Bryce Lynch is the “amoral boy wonder and computer wizard” who helped to guide Max Headroom/Edison Carter on his adventures “twenty minutes in the future.”

I fell in love with this name when I watched Max Headroom in the late 80s. Or maybe I had a slight crush on Chris Young. Sadly, my husband didn’t like the name as much as I did, so we didn’t use it for either of our boys. I guess that it has been used for girls as well (see: Bryce Dallas Howard).

Shoe: Bryce would wear the Max shoe. Stylish twenty minutes into the future.
—from Kelli C.

Painting of Istvan.

Photo of Stan footwear by Vincent.

Name: István

Story: István is the Hungarian form of Stephen, and also the patron saint (Saint Stephen I) and first king of Hungary. And, because no one can resist a pun, I hear growing boys are often hungry (I’ll be testing that one out in February, when I expect to birth a boy of my own). You’ve also got István Szabó, an Academy Award winning director for inspiration, and if you want to throw in a little geek cred? There’s a Magic card named Uncle Istvan, and he seems pretty fierce.

Shoe: István would wear Stan, because when you could possibly be a king, a patron saint of bricklayers, an old hermit with an axe, or a director, you need a combination of form and function. Versatility, thy name is Stan.
—from Alisha K.

Photo of R. Buckminister Fuller.

Photo of Linus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Buck or Buckminster

Story: First and foremost, R. Buckminster Fuller invented the geodesic sphere. If that were not enough, he was an inventor, architect, engineer, designer, geometrician, cartographer and philosopher.

Second, Buck Rogers was a pilot and time traveler.

Shoe: Buckminster and Buck, I think, would wear the Linus shoe because it is a good combination of clean lines, function and a sense of adventure—could my baby climb higher with those treads? Let’s find out.
—from Mary W.

Photo of Walker Evans.

Photo of Wilson footwear by Vincent.

Name: Walker

Story: Famous photographer Walker Evans documented the Great Depression.

Shoe: The shoe to wear while photographing people affected by the great depression would be Wilson. A great no nonsense, non-flashy shoe.
—from Lacey K.

Turn-of-the-century photo of an actor playing Lysander.

Photo of Lars footwear by Vincent.

Name: Lysander

Story: Hermia’s beloved in a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Shoe: Lars would be the perfect shoe for that trip through the forest at night to elope with the one you love
—from Lacey K.

Photo of the title character in the movie Chasing Holden.

Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Holden

Story: Character in J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.

Shoe: Best shoe that captures teen angst is Viktor in black.
—from Lacey K.

Photo of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Photo of Linus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Henri

Story: Henri Cartier-Bresson is the father of modern photojournalism.

Shoe: A great non-slip shoe like Linus would be the best shoe to wear while capturing your subjects out in the streets.
—from Lacey K.

Painting of Alaric king of the Goths.

Photo of Robin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Alaric or Al or Aric or Eric

Story: Alaric means noble ruler or elf ruler, which would appeal to the geek in you. Alaric was the last king of the Goths who overthrew Rome.

Shoe: The shoe Robin would be something that a king would wear.
—from Julia S.

Photo of Konrad Zuse.

Photo of Konrad footwear by Vincent.

Name: Konrad or Conrad

Story: Konrad means “bold counsel.” Konrad Zuse is the inventor of the computer, which is where you do a lot of work!

Shoe: Konrad would wear Konrad shoes after his own name.
—from Julia S.

Photo of title character in the movie Prince Caspian.

Photo of Konrad footwear by Vincent.

Name: Caspian

Story: The name has universal appeal and is not so unique that it would be weird. Caspian comes from the Chronicles of Narnia, in the book Prince Caspian, the disregarded and plotted-against Caspian fights and wins his rightful place on the throne as King of Narnia. He is daring, adventurous, brave, loyal and spiritual.

Shoe: Caspian would wear the Konrad boot, perfect for keeping warm and dry while fighting hags and werewolves.
—from Sara C.

A photo of Star Trek's William Riker wearing Geordi LaForger's eye visor and Geordi's hair.

Photo of James footwear by Vincent.

Name: Geordi or Riker

Story: I propose two science-fiction names from my favorite sci-fi show, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yes, Riker was his last name, but it sounds like a nice, strong first name too. Geordi LaForge is the brilliant Federation scientist, pretty much always coming through for the Enterprise at the last millisecond. Commander Riker is Picard’s second in command, loyal to a fault, with a great sense of humor. Both names sound great for kids and grown-ups, and aren’t easily made into silly (or mean!) nicknames.

Shoe: They both would wear the James shoe, because it looks most like the Starfleet regulation attire.
—from Shimona K.

Photo of Thorby from the book cover of Citizen of the Galaxy.

Photo of Floppy footwear by Vincent.

Name: Thorby

Story: One of my favorite science fiction books is Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert A. Heinlein. The main character, Thorby, is intelligent, brave, resourceful, and generous. He is orphaned, sold as a slave, trained as a spy, learns about wildly different cultures, discovers he is heir to a fortune, and fights corruption and works to end the slave trade.

Thorby is an unusual name, but not hard to spell. The book is appropriate for young people, so your son could read the book that gave him his name at an early age. I would hate to be named for a book or movie character and then told that I was too young to read the book or see the movie.

Shoe: In his space-travel years, Thorby would wear the gray Floppy slipper, because you don’t need hard soles on a spaceship.
—from Kris H.

Photo of US Congressman Maury Maverick sticking his finger in his ear.

Photo of Robin footwear by Vincent.

Name: Maverick

Story: Maverick is a term that suggests independence of thought or action. Originally a surname, Maverick has a long story in American history, starting with English colonist Samuel Maverick in Massachusetts.

Imagine the proud moment you tell your son that you named him after Maury Maverick, a US Congressman who coined the term “gobbledygook.”

Admittedly, there are some old-school folks who won’t forget Tom Cruise’s character in the 1986 film Top Gun, but at least that was when Tom was still cool. More likely in your neighborhood, people will associate the name with the famous surfing competition – what could be cooler than that? A quick trip through Wikipedia will reveal columnists, cattleman, pro wrestlers, villains, comic books, chocolate and a basketball team all associated with this name. And if he decides to be a tech writer, he can always shorten it to Rick.

Shoe: Robin, described as “bold yet practical” is exactly the shoe a trailblazer like Maverick will need. I’m pretty sure he will prefer red.
—from Jessica M.

Photo of Kara Thrace with a handlebar mustache pasted on because she is a woman in a boy naming contest.

Photo of Oliver footwear by Vincent.

Name: Thrace

Story: A cool name for a boy would be Thrace. As in Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. Confident, skilled, witty, and underneath it all, sensitive & sentimental. Plus with the trend being hip/unique baby names, I think it’ll be uncommon (and will probably catch on like wildfire! e.g., I named my son Tristan almost 12 years ago — suddenly everyone was naming their kid that!)

Shoe: Oliver, because it looks like a cool pilot/chasing Cylons kind of shoe!
—from Nissa H.

Photo of Chevy Chase as Fletch in the movie Fletch.

Photo of Face footwear by Vincent.

Name: Fletcher

Story: Fletcher is a clown, a goofball, a funny little man in an oversize hat. He makes people laugh, but also has a quiet inquisitive side that only people close to him really know about.

What comes to mind for most people is the bumbling reporter, Irwin Fletcher from the novels by Gregory Mcdonald and the movies starring Chevy Chase.

Tufts Univeristy has the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy which has produced many ambassadors — The town of Fletcher, North Carolina — Fletcher Henderson, Jazz great of the 1920s.

Shoe: Face slippers — because Fletcher likes making people happy and the smiley face on his house slippers does just that!
—from Laura M.

Photo of Serenity's Hoban Washburne.

Photo of Face footwear by Vincent.

Name: Wash or Hoban

Story: Wash is the nickname of Hoban Washburne, the pilot of the spaceship Serenity in TV series Firefly and the movie, also called Serenity. He’s a sweet, funny guy who has questionable taste in Hawaiian shirts. He is an extraordinary pilot for a ship which actually carries contraband items, however he always seems to be the one trying to convince the crew to stay out of as much trouble as possible.

Shoe: I imagine that Wash would wear the Face shoes, maybe in the grey color (sort of outer space-ish), because they are indoor shoes and a pilot doesn’t have to leave the ship very often. Plus, they are a bit goofy, in a good way, just like Wash.
—from Molly M.

Photo of the title character in the movie Chasing Holden.

Photo of Hampus footwear by Vincent.

Name: Holden

Story: The perfect name for your new baby is Holden. It is a great name because most people are familiar with it from the main character in The Catcher in the Rye. The name is classic, without being too trendy and it is simple enough to compliment any last name.

Shoe: The perfect shoe for Holden would be the Herman style. This shoe would offer great support for Holden as he explores New York City trying to find himself.
—from Linda P.

Photo of Evil Spock sporting a goatee from Star Trek's Mirror, Mirror episode.

Photo of Adam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Spock

Story: Spock was one of the main characters in the original Star Trek TV series.

Shoe: Spock would wear Adam ankle boots because as a space dude he has to dress spacey and be cool at the same time! He’s a great leader and is ready for action and adventure!
—from Doreen

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  1. My Boaz's Ruth says:

    My friend’s son is named “Jaazaiah” — but they call him Jazz.

    January 15th, 2008 at 9:17 am

  2. Jed G says:

    My wife actually considered the name Luke for about 30 seconds, until I unwisely followed the suggestion with “so I could say ‘Luke, I am your faaather.’” Name promptly rejected.

    January 16th, 2008 at 11:56 am