Baby Name Submissions, Installment #1

Here are the first 10 submissions in the Name My Baby Boy Contest (there are many more yet to be processed). They are presented in the order received, with slight editing for clarity and one or two factual errors.

I added photos to each entry and some extra links here and there. We’re loving pouring over your name ideas and guessing the derivations before reading your explanations.

Sketch of Alpha.
Photo of Smith footwear by Vincent.

Name: Alpha

Story: ‘Alpha’ was used in a story I read recently. I listened to 7th Son, a trilogy of novels that were podcasted by the author J.C. Hutchins. The primary antagonist is called John Alpha… or, Alpha for short.

Shoe: The ‘Smith’ style of shoe goes with the name after a fashion… the protagonist’s full name is John Michael Smith. I know, I know… what a witty and clever tie in from the name to the shoe.
—from Dan D.

Photo of Guy Montag in the movie Fahrenheit 451
Photo of Vincent footwear by Vincent.

Name: Guy (or Montag)

From the book Fahrenheit 451. Guy Montag is the hopeful, brave main character who fights against censorship and the disintegration of society and for the importance of knowledge, literature, independence.

Guy would wear Vincent style shoes because he is a firefighter by trade. He would likely choose the red ones because fire is such an icon in the book.
—from Dayna S.

Photo of a sculpture featuring Milo of Croton by Étienne-Maurice Falconet.
Photo of Stripe footwear by Vincent.

Name: Milo

This was my husband’s boy name choice and he wasn’t deterred in the least from this name after meeting two different people who had dogs named Milo. I was quite relieved when we found out we were having a girl. I don’t think I could ever get past the idea of someone calling "Here Milo! Good dog!" every time I heard my child’s name.  (Of course, now neither could you.). Milo means merciful.

It’s also a milk beverage with malt and chocolate that originated in Australia and produced by Nestle.

Milo of Croton was a famous Greek athlete (wrestling) and is mentioned by many famous authors.

Milo the Merciful would wear the Stripe indoor shoe, as they are ideal for wrestling… or for a cold, snowy winter day spent inside making a hot chocolate, malted milk beverage.
—from Kera G.

Photo of Rhett Butler in the movie Gone with the Wind.
Photo of Adam footwear by Vincent.

Name: Rhett

Rhett from Gone with the Wind is Margaret Mitchell’s maverick character. He is tenacious and outspoken.

Vincent’s Adam shoe looks like a cowboy boot and right up Rhett’s alley.
-from Dayna S.

Photo of Yul Brynner as Jason Compson in The Sound and the Fury.
Photo of Baggy backpacks by Vincent.

Name: Quentin

Most people know the name Quentin on account of film director Quentin Tarantino. But William Faulkner’s fictional character, Quentin Compson, is a sharp and pensive Harvard freshman in The Sound and the Fury.

Because he is a Harvard freshman, Quentin would likely prefer Vincent’s Baggy backpack over the shoes.
—from Dayna S.

Photo of Stringfellow Hawke in TV's Airwolf.
Photo of Ludvig footwear by Vincent.

Name: Stringfellow or Hawke

This was the full name of Jan-Michael Vincent’s main character in the Airwolf television show. As a strong and intelligent pilot of the sleek prototype helicopter, this character had it all. He was attractive, and was always able to adapt to any situation, whether with women or in the air. Because of these traits, I think that either of these names could stand alone, making a reasonable, yet unique choice for your son.

The only Vincent shoe choice for this little man would be the functional and 1980′s-style Ludvig boot.
—from Ruth W.

Photo of Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings movies.
Photo of Daniel footwear by Vincent.

Name: Samwise

Samwise (from The Lord of the Rings of course) is a steadfast, honest friend, and a great hero of LOTR. Samwise is also a student of elvish lore, but spent much time tramping over Middle Earth.

Shoe: Daniel, "rugged yet stylish" befitting an adventurer with a love of the elves.
—from Jed G.

Photo of Jeremy Irons playing Aramis in The Man in the Iron Mask.
Photo of Viktor footwear by Vincent.

Name: Aramis

Aramis is the name of one of The Three Musketeers from the story by Alexandre Dumas. The name is derived from the French village Aramits. Aramis was a poetic, religious, and loyal character in the story. He’s also quite the ladies’ man! The real life Aramis was Henri d’Aramitz, a squire and lay-abbot.

Aramis would wear Viktor boots because they are comfortable enough for swashbuckling, yet stylish enough for an evening on the town with the ladies.
—From Amber

Photo of Logan Five in the movie Logan's Run.
Photo of Stan footwear by Vincent.

Name: Logan

Story: I suspect it’s a bit high on the popularity list for you, but I love this boy’s name and it’s reminder of an OK movie, but great story — Logan’s Run. The story is a bit dark, but I love the idea that this main character breaks away from the norms and expectations of his society and becomes the very thing he’s been hunting down. He’s youthful, but determined — an anti-hero that ultimately fights for the good of the society rather than following the crowd. It’s a great name to live up to. You just have to set aside some of the crazy sex and drug scenes when thinking about it for a baby name.

Stan, because Logan would need some really fast (looking) shoes to help him be a "runner."
—From Jennifer L.

Photo of Ansel Adams.
Photo of Max footwear by Vincent.

Name: Ansel

Story: I suggest you use the name Ansel which is nice because it references Ansel Adams and Hansel and Gretel. It is artsy, legendary and folksy. It is unusual, but recognizable and would go well with a more common last name (such as Adams!). We would have used this for our son if our daughter’s name wasn’t Hazel…too similar, especially for the French relatives to pronounce.

I’d go with Max because it could go hiking down a woodsy trail or a city sidewalk…
—from Sara L.

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