Vincent Shoes Promo, 40% Off Lickety-Split

LOVE Vincent ShoesRegular readers know my daughter wears Vincent Shoes. They’re Swedish imports with lots to love. I’ve written about them one, two, three times.

So being on record as a fan, I’m happy to pass along a promotional coupon code for 40% off regularly priced shoes at its US importer – all styles that aren’t already discounted. The deal is good from 10 a.m. Eastern Time today (Thursday) through Sunday. That’s December 13-16, 2007.

(Forward this page to Grandma, hint, hint…)

The code: TMB-40-OFF

Styles I’ve previously reviewed on Thingamababy are:

Gosh it’s nice having a girl because she looks good in both boys and girls shoes.


5 Responses to “Vincent Shoes Promo, 40% Off Lickety-Split”

  1. Amanda says:

    Awesome! I picked up Stan and Love for my niece and Stan and Dennis for my son.

    December 13th, 2007 at 10:21 am

  2. Mama Peach says:

    Oh drat you had to go and do this to me right at Christmas. Since reading about the Love shoe on your site nary a week goes by I don’t pop on to the Vincent Shoes site for a little coveting. And red happens to be MY favourite colour too. With the Canadian dollar so strong, how could I go wrong.

    I hesitate as my daughter is extremely difficult to fit shoes for, she has a high instep coupled with a wider foot. She is 2 plus a bit and she is currently in a size 7 in Stride Rites, 8 in most other shoes (eccos, her boots etc). But I’m just so tempted.

    December 14th, 2007 at 11:14 am

  3. AJ says:

    Mama Peach, try Vincent’s shoe fitting guide. It’s sheet you print and have your daughter stand on. But be sure your PDF reader is NOT set to “shrink to fit” the paper or the sizing will be off (instructions about that are on the sheet).

    Or there’s the old failsafe, buy large and wear when your daughter grows into them.

    December 14th, 2007 at 11:28 am

  4. Mama Peach says:

    All printed out (and properly too, boy Vincent Shoes are smart having a measuring guide to ensure accuracy! I love those sorts of details). Thanks! I remember reading you had over-estimated the size when purchasing your daughter’s shoes. However considering we are under 4-feet of snow here, the added benefit of buying large is that people will actually be able to SEE these adorable shoes come summer.

    Thanks so much!

    December 14th, 2007 at 11:44 am

  5. julie says:

    Hi thanks for the coupon code! I’ve been wanting to try these shoes but couldn’t bear to pay $45 for kids shoes! I can’t wait to see how my little one likes them.

    December 15th, 2007 at 11:24 am

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