Holiday Tidbits from Around the Parent Blogs

Hold your applause — A fabulous story about a pre-Christmas plane flight with a toddler in tow.

And a follow-up video: In case you weren’t on the plane.

Christmas Memories — A series of events recounted, the first two being priceless.

Welcome to Leftoverville — Contains nice charts tracking holiday weight gain. Click the images to see larger versions.

Video: So what do Jews do on Christmas? — I hope we all did something similar at home on Christmas day, just perhaps to different music.

Santa is a chump — Mom and Dad spent so much time talking up Santa’s arrival, they failed to explain he only comes once a year.

Santa Tantrum Awards — This isn’t that insanely long photo gallery you’ve seen on other blogs. These crying kid photos were submitted to the San Francisco Chronicle, with the best presented on one page. But the complete submission list is also worthwhile. The third one down has dad holding his kid by the legs.

Ollie’s Here! Born December 26th.

Remember JibJab holiday cards? Here are cards from Baby Shulte and Papa Don’t Take Mess.

Vacationing in Trinidad, California — Hey, Secret Agent Josephine is B&B’ing with a toddler ten minutes north of me. She took some nice photos of our rugged coastline. She also recently made toddler-proof ornaments using photographs printed on iron-on transfer paper.

That was then… this is now — A sad tale of electronic gadgets isolating older kids from their parents in the aftermath of Christmas.

Video: Sledding — In contrast, another family went sledding the day after Christmas. I wouldn’t mind some snow right about now.

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