Ongoing: What Toys are you Giving this Year?

A select few baby and toddler products ever see the light of day on Thingamababy. Now is your chance to share your own parenting knowledge.

Using the time you were expecting to spend reading one of my long-winded articles today, please with a list of the toys, books and/or gear you are giving your child(ren) this holiday season. If you’ve discovered gems during the other 11 months this year, those are okay to share too.

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Send the toy name(s) and, if you wish, what you liked about each toy.

I’ll dig up product links and compile everyone’s comments into a big gift list. If you have your own website, include the URL for credit. Oh, sure, our list may be too late for mail-ordering for Christmas, but since when did parents only give toys for their toddlers once a year?

Below is an e-mail sent to me yesterday. I share it in the spirit of smug self gratification as one parent’s Christmas gift list that was influenced by this blog.

From Nicole K.:
re: Thank you!

I must say, you have hooked us up for Christmas presents this year!  I planned on only buying a couple items (since like you, I tend to pick things up for the boys throughout the year, as they are developmentally ready for them).

I couldn’t resist the Fortamajig.  How cool.

And I haven’t been able to commit to a train table because I just didn’t feel we really needed one… until I looked into the Nilo a bit more.  With two boys, 3 & 1, and the table being used up to age 9/10… and compatible with other cool building toys as they grow… I decided it was time.

So of course I also got "Little Engine that Could" train and book set.

And the Hover Hockey?  WooHoo!  That is going to be the hit at our kids New Year’s Eve party.

A present I am very excited to give is the Bilibo!  I’m surprised you haven’t reviewed it and would love to hear your opinion on it.  I realize some may consider it spendy for what it is, but I’m in love with it nonetheless.

Thanks for a wonderful blog.  I always enjoy checking in.

Now, about the toys you’re giving this year that you didn’t find on Thingamababy.

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