Children’s Music Review: Suzi Shelton

Photo of the Suzi Shelton DVD box cover.
When the Suzi Shelton Live at Southpaw DVD arrived in the mail, I muttered to myself, "Ahhh, crap."

It was submitted for review by her publicist, but our 3-year-old daughter doesn’t watch TV (yet). I fired up the DVD player anyway, started the concert and turned off the TV, and to my surprise the concert was an instant hit. She didn’t need visuals to participate, or, of course, dance.

Suzi Shelton performs original pop-rock kid-friendly dance-worthy tunes. Visit her music page to listen to samples of all of her songs. Roadtrip, No Ordinary Day and Scooter Boy got my daughter twirling and jumping (sorry, no audio links for most of the DVD tunes).

When my wife reluctantly watched the DVD later that evening, she didn’t get past the third song. I found her crying, which having gone through postpartum depression together, shoots a million thoughts through my brain. But they were happy tears.

The song Lift Me Up struck a chord with her. It’s the story of a brother and sister who dream of flying like planes, birds and butterflies, but they are actually waiting for their dad to get home from work to ‘lift them up into the sky’ and buzz them around the room.

That’s the wife’s favorite tear-jerker… a peppy fun tune, not the intentionally sentimental 10,000 Kisses that is also on the DVD.

So, I felt compelled to check out Shelton’s latest CD release, Simply Suzi.

Photo of the CD cover of Simply Suzi.
The overall tempo is a bit slower, but does have a five overlapping tracks with the DVD, including signature songs Time to Say Hello, Can You Imagine? and One Day on the Porch.

Other favorites include So Long Chocolate Cake (If I don’t eat my veggies, I don’t get my dessert), and Mama Won’t You Give Me a Kiss.

Now, parents of 1- and 2-year-olds (this is a baby blog after all) may shrug off kindie rock. Don’t.

There are certainly simpler tunes to be had elsewhere for the youngest ages, but you’ll discover differences between sing along, call-and-response and dance music. If you’re like me, you’ll play some of each type of music in your home, and eventually delve into some adult music too because you like it and your kid really digs the sound. But I end up wincing at some of the adult lyrics now that my kid is 3-years-old and asks me what new words mean.

So kindie rock like Suzi Shelton’s fills that role—she provides tunes you and your child can enjoy, and that carry forward with your child well beyond toddlerhood.


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  1. kdaily says:

    If you’ve never heard of Dan Zanes, you may want to check him out. (We discovered him on Playhouse Disney.) My 3 year old LOVES him. And I have to admit my husband and I do too. We’re going to our second concert of his in a few weeks.

    November 12th, 2007 at 1:04 pm

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