Tusken the Tauntaun Ball Pit from Hoth Toys LLC

Photo of a toddler sitting upright in the middle of a giant plush dinosaur whose body is zippered open to reveal plastic balls. The baby is holding a ball up to his mouth as if to eat it.

On the outside, Tusken is a big loveable galoot: soft and squishy with textured scales, crinkly spikes, a soft plush head and rattle tail. But inside, he has 60 colorful balmy belly balls to warm your child on cold winter nights. Plus, use Tusken during the day to sooth tantrums away. Just slice Tusken’s belly open with a light saber or laser scalpel and your toddler will enjoy total body relaxation with the natural benefits of heat therapy.

Photo of a Star Wars product box depicting a Han Solo action figure putting Luke Skywalker into the belly of a Tauntaun creature on Ice Planet Hoth. The box contains the words: Tauntaun with open belly rescue feature.

Remember in The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo sliced open the belly of a tauntaun and placed injured Luke Skywalker inside so he survived the freezing ice storm on planet Hoth?

I did when I saw the I am the Boss ball pit made by K’s Kids while flipping through a Sensational Beginnings catalog. Yeah, sorry, the toy isn’t really named after a tauntaun. It would be a shame if that baby model’s name isn’t Luke though.

I love the toy’s real name. It’s truth in advertising. Babies are the boss in every family.

Here is a bonus Han Solo quote for parents changing diapers:

"And I thought they smelled bad…on the outside."

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[Tauntaun box image via Toltoys.com. Product description adapted from Sensational Beginnings and an electric blanket I found on Amazon.com.]

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