PRIZEY Tracks Blog Contests

Jeremiah at Z Recs launched PRIZEY today, a group blog for tracking blog product giveaways. If you like blog contests, you’re about to go crazy. That’s it. A simple idea with a lot of research behind it.

Photo of my fist of rage squeezing pumpkin guts.
The story behind this pumpkin photo is a bit longer though, and rather self indulgent. Visit PRIZEY and come back in an hour or two.

Now… the backstory is that J and I talk about Z and the Thing from time-to-time, comparing notes about blogging. It’s an unusual circumstance because most bloggers are cordial, but clam up fast when the conversation turns to their own blog.  But Z and I share observations, mostly confirming what we already know.

A while back he mentioned looking for a way to integrate a calendar into a blog for a new project he was working on. Wow, I needed the same thing for my own project. Our one secret we kept from each other was why we needed a calendar.

So last week as Jeremiah prepared to launch his blog, he told me about PRIZEY. Huh, I had the same idea (backed by a domain name registered long before we began chatting). We exchanged some polite @#$%^&*! remarks, figured out there was no easy way to collaborate (come on Jeremiah, can you just run PRIZEY without blogging about prizes?), and, so, we agreed to crush each other.

OK, I’m not sure he said anything about crushing, but I assured him I would smash him like a pumpkin on the field of battle. It’ll be friendly competition, with pumpkins.

I’ll launch by the end of the year, doing something a little different than PRIZEY. I certainly don’t mind pointing you to his service in the meantime. See that? I said meantime. So you have to come back when I launch, or you’ll make my daughter cry. That excuse still works, right?

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