Five Links for Looking, Volume 4

1. How to take great Halloween photographs — According to the New York Institute of Photography, with samples of course. Tips for kids-in-costumes are located near the end of the article.

2. Pay attention in biology class — A story about a family and a pregnant lizard, worth it for the punch line.

3. Tips for coping when traveling without your kids — Simply awesome.

4. Photos: A Child Lost his Father and Another Child Lost his Father

5. Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams — It’s the last lecture of Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Last lectures are where professors are asked to think about what really matters and condense their knowledge into one presentation. In this case it really is Randy’s last lecture because this father of three young children is dying of cancer. It’s particularly interesting if you’re a geek because of Randy’s field of work, but his speech is peppered with many meaningful insights.

  1. Video index page
  2. Youtube version in 12 chunks

The runtime is 1 hour, 25 minutes. You can skip the introduction by starting to watch at the 8 minute mark, then skip the standing ovation and award ceremony afterward. If you watch only one segment, see section 6 (skip to the 2:50 minute mark) where he discusses the role of parents, mentors and students. How many parents would let their kid write equations on a bedroom wall? Also see four pages of questions and answers with the good professor.

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